Green Dada Jewelery

Perhaps its a culmination of volunteering for Earth Hour, Dadaism (art history influences), boredom and the ‘i’ll do anything but study’ mood.

I’ve accumulated a new necklace/bracelet plus several rings in the past week. And all this without forking a cent!!

Introducing ready-made jewelery using found objects!


Fish paperclip necklace and milk carton freshness-sealer tab ring (:

These precious pieces were part of my Uniqlo Store Preview outfit ensemble.


The fish paperclips were a gift from my younger sister. (You can get them at Popular Bookstore and I hear that there are many other paperclip designs too!! I am soooo going to check them out :D:D:D). While studying, I got bored and thought it’d look cute. They can also be a bracelet or two. Perhaps I should get more to make a longer necklace too! Loving the options!! (:

And depending on the size of the carton you purchase, you can end up with ‘rings’ of different sizes and colours



I can’t wait to collect more and even cut patterns or add bling to my rings!! hehes.

Make a statement and save our planet too!

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