Dalsey Hillblom Lynn

I have walked by it several times over the past month or so, I can’t really remember, and never really understood what it was about.

It seemed like any other run of the mill billboard advertisements that wasn’t anything fantastic and attention-grabbing nor was it anything tremendously bad to involuntarily trigger a gag reflex.

Then today, something about the billboard caught my eye. After standing at the junction of SOTA and Hotel Rendezvous, a name caught my attention and also rang a bell. However, familiar as it seemed, I couldn’t place my finger on where I had heard this name before.

So the day continued. Got a library book, treated myself to a caffeine fix (the day before had been beyond terrible and I was still angsty from the aftermath).

Anyway, after pondering intermittently between my daily dose of way too much work, I was able to connect some dots and place the name.

In a tribute to the fall of the Berlin wall, Zouk celebrated all things German, including a small Michael Michalsky showcase, which Jo and I attended (and I think never got round to writing a post for it, sorry!)

To make up for it, this is Michael Michalsky when inspired by Dalsey Hillblom Lynn:

And if you haven’t already guessed who Dalsey Hillblom Lynn is, its DHL the delivery company.

Kudos to the very funky use of material. I really love the bubblewrap dress (it’d be soooo entertaining to pop!), the parcel paper bustier with twine piping and the bubblewrap bracelet (which I would pay for).

Execution is impeccable (!) and not school-art-project standards, thank goodness.

Then again, maybe its the bright lights and post-production photoshoping that adds the flair.

The collaboration is part of a marketing collateral for 2010 calendar to promote Berlin Fashion Week 2010.

And you can download the images here.

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7 Replies to “Dalsey Hillblom Lynn”

  1. Who would have ever thought DHL will glam up and go haute couture? Love it! BTW, tried downloading the pics in the link that you have provided but it doesn’t seem to be working…

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