Research paper I: Jackets and dresses

I was looking through a stack of paper samples, kind of caressing all of it with their different textures, and then I got reminded of these somewhat trashion creations, by Maison Martin Margiela, Nikicio, and Test Shoot Gallery.

It is one very common material that is daily used and abused, but in these instances employed so differently and so well.

This reminds me of my favourite primary school project – paper-mâché. Is it not crazy? My moulded spheres are never round, and here they made this jacket with super strong shoulders.

Not one to take things as is, Indonesian designer Nikicio printed some works by a few Singaporean designers onto paper and turned it into a unisex tunic that you can cut up and wear any which way.

Here is Margiela’s paper dress with jersey sleeves. The magazine scrap jacket above is very editorial, but this is so absolutely wearable it pains to think that it is not sitting in my wardrobe. Or materializing itself from the fresh rim of A4 printing paper I just tore open.

Test Shoot Gallery made this amazing dress out of curly brown paper. It almost looks like working mice put it together. If I were Cinderella I’d wear this over that pale blue gown that Disney gave me.

The thing that I love most about all these creations is how they reek of DIY, but really, are so so much more than that. Part II of my research paper coming up soon! Meanwhile, humour yourself with the super funny Leandra of The Man Repeller and her DIY paper dress here.

Picture credits to here, here, here and here.

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