Finding my way around

For quite a while now, I’ve been knotting up my scarves and wearing them round my neck. But! I’m pretty sure I borrowed (maybe stole, since I never returned it) the idea from Dottie from a while ago.

Sigh sometimes how I can trace the root of my ideas – and realising that I wasn’t at the stem of it makes me feel a little demoralized…

So a few days back I decided to do it a tad different by using two (!) scarves. (Wow ground-breaking right?) The only redeeming factor was that they are from Muji’s Map series of Tokyo. The left side is one during the Edo period, and the right shows the map of modern Tokyo. Pretty cool stuff.

And then… I changed it up a bit more by twisting my malleable necklaces around it.

It’s been some time since I whipped out these necklaces, good to know that I still can find new ways to wear them. Woot!

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