Research paper II: others

So on with my research paper (see previous here), more Margiela from Spring-Summer 2010 in the form of matching pants and booties, plus some super stunning headpieces from Chanel’s Spring 2009 Couture show.

Apparently, it is real paper that’s meant to wear out over time and can be dry cleaned, but I wouldn’t risk it, and neither would Sandra of 5 inch and up.

Seven thousand paper roses, daisies, leaves and other foliage went into the backdrop of Chanel’s couture show from a few seasons back, and then some into the overwhelming headdresses on all the models, thought up by Japanese hair and makeup artist Katsuya Kamo.

I wonder how all these came to materialize, how did they decide on what texture, what weight and what shade of the paper was best in terms of aesthetic and wearability.

Now the following most of us might have come across, but I just have to mention:

When I go shopping and get my loot in a paper bag, and you brush against it and create a crease, I might have to cause you some physical pain. That is why I’m so in love with the Loewe Papelle series, and its cheaper counterpart – the Takeaway bag from Spooner + Watts. Crease-free forever ftw.

Conversely, if there has to be a crease, it has to be creased all over. Just like the Proenza Schouler PS1 paper bag tote in all its crinkly leather and jagged-edged glory.

Possible fields for further research? It’s almost like they got it all covered!

Picture credits to here, here, here, here and here.

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