Well-heeled #4: Up and away

Diana Rikasari of Hot Chocolate and Mint, has a truly enviable wardrobe mostly made of items that really are quite accessible and affordable, but we can only watch and learn.

Or…. start by scouring through a new collection of heels and wedges under her new label called, Up. There must be several reasons as to why it is called Up. For one it lifts you up with just the right amount of elevation to not induce pain (I think..), and looking at her designs is kinda uplifting, probably from the mass of positive energy that surrounds her and her blog.

Diana’s proud to proclaim that these heels are 100% Indonesian (hello, neighbour!), and some of them are very distinctly so. This otherwise dowdy-chunky patent number comes laced with a slender strip of Indonesian batik that snakes all the way up to your ankles to make it look ethnic and chic.

At IDR245,000 (S$35) per pair, it is hard to not want to add your size in each design to the basket. Plus, IDR5,000 from the sale of each shoe will go to charity.

PS I love the tips she has on the shop blog here and I love how she encourages everyone to be 100% original. I find it so difficult to be that all the time.

Picture credits to here and here.

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