Cuffs and WIP

Louis Vuitton just released their Fall campaign images. And instead of just posting them, like everyone else, I am (crazily) attempting to paint it. (Using gouache, which is something like watercolour, on an F4-size paper. In case you are wondering)

Here are some initial sketches and pictures. Sorry they are blur, took them with my Blackberry. After completing the sketch, posted a picture on Wottoncool’s Facebook Page and after a side-by-side comparison figured that the model on the left’s face was too long so I redrew it before starting to paint.

Getting their eyes just right and not over working the painting has been my biggest challenge thus far. Might come back to add more details later…

Tomorrow or the day after I’ll redraw the model’s cuffs and crocodile-skin bags in more detail because I need to. In order to know what/how to paint the very elusive “croc-skin” effect. Don’t look forward to it. But it’s a fun challenge. (:

Will keep you updated with this WIP (Work.In.Progress)!

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