Elemental Battle

I always find it a humbling experience to be writing about fashion, or my encounters with fashion to be more precise. On a fair share of occasions, I find myself having to eat my own words and take back the “I’ll die before I do/wear/buy …” statements. Polka dots, drop-crotch pants and event skirts are but some examples. Constantly, I am also challenged to reinvent the wardrobe that I have and think up new and interesting ways to put pieces I love and own together. And it’s such an exciting process.

I don’t even recall where I got this black metallic chain from. Playing around with it and my L’ile Aux Ashby brooch (from the same series as the ring I blogged about here) and I get a new statement necklace altogether. Which was a saving grace because I was severely under-dressed for an event that didn’t stipulate a dress-code.

Comparative to everyone, at least, I felt under-dressed.

The brooch was put together by pinning it to two links in the chain. Will probably try a few more permutations of this. Pinned lower or worn asymmetrically.

Will keep you posted (:

And I’m also wearing my new (and very fragile) Timo Weiland top.

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