Stationary Jewellery

Personal style, to me, is a cocktail of experimentation, conviction and instinct. There are times, I think I hit the nail on square on it’s head and times when I completely miss the mark. Faux pas or not, it’s an opportunity to hone my instinct further. And have fun while I’m at it.

This elaborate/messy-looking cascading necklace was another attempt at a Paperclip necklace. Worn, that evening, with a +J Uniqlo long-sleeve tee, lace high collar long-sleeve tee, G2000 blazer and dark ochre H&M pants.

The main ingredient this time around were two bottles ofย  kikki.K’s heart paper clips. Yes, I used two whole bottles. One hundred paperclips in total.

And with some effort and bountiful patience, I put this together for the Antonio Berardi AW2011 show on 17 May.

First I strung the paperclips in a single line, measuring the circumference of my neck with some give. Then added drooping loops from this and continued the process, continuously checking how it hangs. It looks a lot neater laid flat then worn.

Also attempted to make the cascading necklace as balanced as possible. Although while wearing it, I’m quite certain it got more tangled through the evening. No matter though, only added to the confusion/sophistication of the piece! ๐Ÿ˜€


Someone commented that it’d look awesome in neon colours (like lime green or neon orange) and I couldn’t agree more. Looking at this now, feel like re-doing it into a proper necklace, with proper metal links. Only thing is, inertia holds me back ๐Ÿ˜€

Thank you to One Sixty Notepad and Qin at the Disco for the first and last photos respectively.

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