Interview with Charlotte Olympia


British shoe designer, Charlotte Olympia was hosted at On Pedder today for a day of interviews and guest appearance at the outlet at Scotts Square. Channelling the glamour of 1940s and 50s, Charlotte Olympia is walking perfection. Her accessory designs have also been acknowledged by the British Fashion Council, awarding Charlotte Olympia Dellal the Accessory Designer of the Year award, beating nominees such as Mulberry. Here are some of her responses to our interview today:
(it was a group interview, generic questions are marked ‘Q’ and Wottoncool questions are marked ‘WC’)

Question (Q): Hi Charlotte, how would you describe your style.
Charlotte Olympia (CO): My style is nostalgic. Personally, I like tottering in heels. I love the style from 40s and 50s and pin-up girls like Rita Hayworth.

Q: You’ve worked for Ungaro and Giambattisa Valli previously before starting your brand, Charlotte Olympia. How were you able to grow your business in such a short time? What was a turning point for your brand?
CO: I’ve always tried to focus on a small group of retailers – the right retailers.

Wottoncool (WC): What was a highlight when growing your brand?
CO: Opening up my standalone store in London, that was a big turning point. And we’ll be opening a store in New York too, that is quite exciting.

Q: If you weren’t designing shoes, you’d be…?
CO: If I wasn’t designing shoes, I’d be a hat designer!

Q: If you could design for any person, who would it be?
CO: My grandmother, she’s my muse. Or Rita Hayworth.

Q: You design many shoes but is there any one pair that you really like?
CO: Yes, it’s a shoe called ‘Banana is my Business’. It’s a shoe made entirely out of fruit, it’s my homage to Carmen Miranda. And they’re fruits, they go with everything!

Wottoncool (WC): What are the three things you know now that you wish your 20-year-old self knew then?
CO: Be yourself, Take off your makeup off every night and always have a good manicure and pedicure. And go to a hairdresser, never cut your own hair, especially your fringe. (bonus tip!)

Q: What’s the biggest compliment that you’ve ever received?
CO: That my shoes are comfortable. That’s the biggest compliment.

Wottoncool (WC): I noticed the tattoos on your arms, what do they mean?
CO: I have a tattoo of the roman numeral pi and my right wrist. And on my left forearm is a chalice, I got this with my sister, it was her first tattoo, and it’s a combination of our names – Chalice: Charlotte + Alice.

Thank you Charlotte.

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