Kueh Kueh

Firstly, sincerest apologies for the dark images. My attempts to adjust the lighting didn’t turn out too good so I figured I’d stick with the original coloration.

But in any case…

On Sunday, hansel launched their latest collection ‘Tiers of Joy’ featuring the layered nonya kueh as the signature print for the season. Done in three styles – kueh on black (above), kueh on white (below left) and kueh outline on grey (below far right). I think it’s quite a fun and funny take on this slice of Singapore nostalgia.

Initially I was eyeing a tee with the bright kueh on black. But Xiao Wen bought it, so I chose the white background version instead. At $79 (before the one-day only 20% discount, thought it was a pretty decent and very colourful purchase!)┬áIt’s almost excessively cheerful and primary coloured (if there’s such a term). But in trying to keep with my promise to support local designers more, thought I’d do my bit and engage in some therapy, of the retail sort! (:

My favourite pieces were the ‘Tiers of Joy’ exclusive jewellery. The kueh kueh earrings and brooch (background) were amusing but I much preferred the set-of-five necklaces (above, centre), earrings (above, right) and rings (not shown). Think it offers so much more mileage in terms of ways of wearing and options of how to wear. Individually or as a set. Could give one to a friend. Could give one to each of your best friends even.

The jewellery series is part of a special collaboration with the Little Drom Store.

And in addition to the cookbook shoot, designer Jo Soh went through the troubles of creating a video (which I cannot find online, sorry!) But you can see her elaborate set and behind the scenes images here!

The video is done very nicely and I urge you, if you haven’t already, make a beeline to the store to check it out and at the same time peruse the shelves and shop your heart out. (:

The hansel Shop is located at #02-14 Mandarin Gallery.

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