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We’ve been keeping tabs on Australian designers ever since we worked part-time in this multi-brand store that focused on brands from down under. Camilla and Marc, Sass & Bide, Therese Rawsthorne, Zimmermann, Zambesi, loved it all! Might have shifted our focus to our surely burgeoning local scene, but let’s talk about Karla Spetic now.

Croatian-born, Australia-based Karla Spectic delivers simple silhouettes in subtle prints, so subtle and subtley used compared to the ones here.

She’s incorporated digital photo images of the Australian outback and the suburbs so that customers could “wear what we see” and has since taken a more stylized perspective with porcelain and ceramic motifs and most recently, Roy Lichenstein’s pop art prints against leopard.

I spy 1960’s pop art meets the waist-conscious and swelling skirt of the 1950’s ala Mad Men, with the too-manly military suit influences in 1930’s womenswear but it works.

Oddly enough, with such a still, minimalist streak in her collections, you might think her though process a thorough and linear one, but it’s far from it: “I don’t draw my designs. It would make it so much easier if I did sketch but then I get bored with it and don’t want to look at it anymore… I make a conscious decision to keep everything jumbled in my head so I never know what’s going to come out or how it will end up looking. So when things come to life – with my colours and prints and shapes and patterns draped on a dummy – that’s when I find peace; when I feel that satisfaction. And I feel really happy about that.”

Pictures from here (beware there is an online store, but according to the website also available at Lula Rock in Singapore), excerpt from here.

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