Tropical Asphalt

Louis Vuitton’s Cruise 2013 collection brims with hues of scorched browns and gold, yet mixed with delicate traces of pink, lavender, sky blue or deep indigo. For this collection, Marc Jacob pulls inspiration  from Catherine Deneuve in Le Sauvage & Indochine, old films from 1975 and 1992 respectively. “The Vuitton girl is a luxurious and nonchalant woman. She crosses all the meridians of the globe in the style of an urban or exotic traveller.” 

A beautiful way of describing clothing and accessories that will remain purely aspirational, personal favourites were the colour blocked eyelet embroidery cropped sleeve coat (above) and the mix material leather trimmed maxi dress (below). The latter’s combination of toffee, dark chocolate and cerulean isn’t an instinctive palette choice but was styled well. Now I only need to build more toffees and lattes into my wardrobe to experiment too.

Cropped and, ever so slightly, flared pant was another key silhouette for the collection (not pictured). To be honest, it hasn’t quite grown on me yet but they are a great way to show off these beautifully towering platform shoes with chunky heels. Hugging the ankles for extra support, I can only imagine how fun it would be to traverse the universe in a pair. Nothing would faze me, except, perhaps, a cobblestone street!

Given that my current wedges gave out on me recently, my prowl for the next perfect pair commences. Although it’s not a wedge per se but I envision this aubergine pair in the foreground to be really comfortable. Or so my imagination would like me to believe! What’s an adventure without some imagination, right?

And speaking of adventure and imagination, I can only begin to fathom the chocolate box full of endless possibilities that a Louis Vuitton tiara would unlock. Like ‘Mary, Mary, quite contrary’, this tiara has Swarovski crystals has pretty gems all in a row, with gems ranging in colour and size. The overall effect is a modern take on a classic tiara, perfect for a modern-day princess. And although they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, I’d totally take this tiara instead.

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