Wottoncool Interviews: Irene Ang and Henry Golding

On 31 October, I sat down with Irene Ang and Henry Golding one-on-one to ask them about their Halloween plans, what’s lined up in their busy schedules and why Henry Golding would pick Batman over Iron Man, any day.

Irene and Henry have been roped in to co-host Singapore’s leg of ‘Driving Change with Caltex‘. A unique programme/social media experiment, as Henry describes, a first-of-its-kind regional reality community project that has been travelling through Asia doing their bit for local charities, raising awareness and funds.

Think of it as an amazing race + scavenger hunt + awareness campaign + paying it forward + fund raiser, all with a social media twist.

 Sounds deceptively simple? Yes. But they’ve only got three days! AND Henry isn’t told what his mission is till the first day of filming (this morning)!

Henry has been to Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Indonesia as part of the challenge already and Singapore marks the final leg of this five-week challenge.

The team arrived in the Philippines right after a typhoon and Henry witnessed first-hand children playing barefoot in tar-black, ankle-deep excrement+rubbish+stagnant water+broken glass+nails mulch. Although these images still haunt Henry, he’s determined to get as many people involved in Singapore from 2 to 4 November.

I caught a sliver of Irene’s competitive streak during our interview. She’s already set her sights on a personal target of raising S$150,000. The benchmark has been set pretty high, during the Malaysian leg, Henry Golding and co-host Andrea Fonseka raised a whopping RM$309,000!!

I’m not so secretly hoping that we all do ourselves proud and shatter the current record and out-raise everyone else.

Hello Singapore! Highest concentration of millionaires per capita in the world!! (I hope this statistic works in our favour)

Social Media

As you can probably tell, this content kinda strays from our typically fashion/art-centric content. But the marketing graduate in me is intrigued by this concept of utilizing social media for crowd-sourcing, coming together for a bigger cause and the notion of paying it forward, about how every little contribution can count in a really tangible way.

As Henry, very eloquently puts, “I think social media is an absolute amazing and un-measurable avenue for getting people together for change. There’s some good to be had with sharing things with people and so it’s just got so much potential to be tapped into. And its not only for marketing and not only for promoting something. But also to rally together people who want to help but don’t know how.” Follow Henry Golding on Twitter and Instagram (@henrygolding) to track his progress and attempt to beat the current record.

On that note, Irene already has some plans to pimp Henry out. (those were her words exact You can follow her on Twitter or Instagram (@flyirene) to find out what she’s up to. She also shared extensively about her journey through social media, from not know what ‘trending’ meant to Twitter becoming a useful crowd-sourcing tool. On Instagram, Irene’s favourite filter is X Pro II and as we’ve found out, you can tell her mood by her instagram content. Sunsets = good mood. Cars/Taxis (which cut into her lane) = bad mood. Henry, on the other hand (@henrygolding), prefers Hudson.


Irene’s Halloween plans were pretty low key this year with interviews in the morning and investor meetings in the evening, she celebrated this ghoulish holiday the week before together with a good friend’s birthday. October 31, Halloween, also happens to be her brother’s birthday, which she celebrated over the weekend.

And before our interview, Henry and I were comparing Nato watch straps and sharing online shopping site, Zipia. And in the spirit of halloween asked the following:

WC: “Vampires or Werewolves?”

HG: Vampires.

WC: “Ironman, Batman or Spiderman?”

HG: I’m a massive Batman fan. I think the fact that he doesn’t have any superpowers is what makes every guy think he can be batman, if he has a billion dollars!

WC:”Biker Mice, Captain Planet or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?”

HG:Definitely the classic TMNT!

WC:”And if you were a superhero, what superpowers would you want to have?”

HG: I always wanted the power of time travel , but there’s always catches, like the butterfly effect. I wouldn’t mind a little bit of healing factor as well.

Driving Change happens this weekend across Singapore. Connect with them at their facebook page  and help spread the word with this video of Henry Golding.

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