Virtual Gifting Part 2 – The Norse Store

Hi, I’m Alan, Jo’s boyfriend, and today she’s creating my wishlist. And while Jo was picking out my virtual gifts, she ran up quite a list of do’s and don’ts for her selection criteria:

“Alan’s way of dress basically moved from utilitarian (just to put some clothes for the sake of social norms) to utilitarian (heavy worker sort of hardy, well-made, smart-casual). Under this mish-mashed silhouette are bits of British suiting, American/ Japanese workwear, Scandinavian cleanliness, Red Indian motifs and the occasional exaggerated shape.”

“He has a penchant for denim – so I’m steering clear of all permutations of it, since it is risky business for me to choose and his wardrobe already has too many counts of it. I’m looking out for things that are cool but a little off-centre, safe but not quite what you have yet, stuff you may like but may not buy for yourself. Thank goodness this is all virtual, and price is not a consideration!”

I’ve got a penchant for denim? Really? All I’ve always wanted was a nice pair of jeans. I don’t have too many counts; it’s justifiable if you wear it often! Right? But I’m down for anything that’s interesting that isn’t what I would usually wear or buy. I’ve picked Norse Store, because I like their aesthetic inclinations. It might be the exchange semester still wearing off on me, or just that I find them to be a good balance of function and fancy.

Pick #1:

“You like my striped jumper, so I supposed you’ll love this…?”
I like the stripes! Seems nicely fitted at the torso, with baggier sleeves and a nice length for the ribbed cuff so I think it’ll form a nice taper. mmm. Wool.

Pick #2:

“A pullover in a zany, irregular pattern to complement your recent flannels and checks”
Crazy pattern and colours and TEXTURE! Would love to wear this and see it get fuzzier and completely whacked!

Pick #3:

“Sorry I made a mistake on your belt size in the Corter Leather order! Can I make up for it with this imaginary gift of another nice, tan leather belt?”
Yes, but if you do, don’t get this one. I like the narrower width, but I’ve been having my eye on other belts.

Pick #4:

“I think a bag is more important than you think cos you carry one EVERYWHERE. There’s wool, which reminds me of tweed, natural leather straps that you’ll love to see wear, and an expandable main compartment for everything you carry.”
You know my penchant for more offbeat yuketen stuff well. How to not love something so solid and eccentric?

Pick #5:

This is absurd and something you’d like but not buy for yourself because it’s just… absurd.”
This. With tie-dyed harem pants, and that pullover in #2. Absurd outfit complete.

A very interesting mix of picks, dabbling with lots of leather and wool I see. I like all of them! Especially #1, cept I might just melt wearing it once the rainy season ends. You ought to be relieved that the price isn’t a consideration because I doubt I’d be able to justify these purchases myself. But of course, if you’re able to justify them, well, no one’s stopping you…

– Alan

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