I drew a line

2013_01_02_Meng Huang - walkfaststrongcoolandurban

Maybe I can’t stop thinking about that Carven sweater, or there’s something about her smile and gorgeous features. Photographed outside the Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 show, 23-year-old China-born model, Meng Huang, almost compels(!) me to chop my hair off a la when we first started blogging… but I have another plan for my hair already (more on this later!)

2013_01_02_Meng Huang walkfaststrongcoolandurban.tumblr

For now, I’ll just keep oogling at this Numeró, Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire alumni and ponder to myself,

‘Where on earth can I find a lemon yellow sweater too?!’

Image source: here and here

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