Newfangled folkwear: Pitchouguina AW13

Vintage has been done but not quite dusted with its variations of deconstruction, reconstruction and what have you. So it seems like we won’t take these old fashions and traditional garments as is, primarily because they are overwhelmingly detailed and a little fussy for our lifestyle that has evolved since our gramps.

What’s interesting are newfangled folkwear and I say that because of their contemporary cuts and ethnic accents (plus they don’t have to be obvious and plain for all the recognize). Easy to like and wear, without coming across as tacky and to much for a dinner date, day of meetings or casual coffee run.

A designer who is particularly fond of injecting semblances of traditional tailoring and embellishment is Anna Pitchouguina. Of Russian descent and economics background from Poland, Anna took to the states and worked with Derek Lam in New York, then in London with designers like Christopher Kane and Michael van der Ham. All that rolled into a lovely, cohesive and desirable package, branded Pitchouguina, and based in East London since 2010.






Here we get Anna involved in a short round of three questions:

What inspired you to take the route of fashion instead of economics?

Probably the need for creativity that you can touch and feel with hands. Sort of independence as well, but as economics were an interest at first, I am still really interested in the business side of running and starting a label. I think those two things combined is an advantage.

How have you and the brand evolved since your first collection?

Now that I look at it, it has grown up, materials have gradually became heavier but the color palettes are still quite limited and calm. From the very first collection I was trying to put a little handmade/ Russian-related detail, you can still see this in our fluffy hand knitted pieces and a bulky vest-jumper knitted all by hand in Russia, for AW13.

What is the AW13 collection about, and which is your favourite piece?

Collection is always a mood story, that I try to create with fabrics, colors and feminine shapes. This collection is a bit less flowy and a bit more boxy but I still kept my obsession of having some flower motifs. It’s the feeling of awakening the autumn. Favourite piece – a knitted chunky fluffy sleeveless jumper.



You can find Pitchouguina in small independent bouquets in Eastern Europe and also online at Stay tuned for their online store on their website come September. They will also be showcasing their collection in Guangzhou very soon!

Pictures from here.

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