Swim things: Seea

I’ve been slightly disgruntled about not being able to get a swimsuit from Virgin Daisies, so since then I’ve been on the look out for ones in the same vein.

Oddly enough, the only other brand that I can say is up my alley, is Seea (pronounced see-ah), a California female surfer brand. The idea of surfing is sooooo far from me not just right now, but forever. Still, because Seea’s founder Amanda Chinchelli so expertly melded surfing form, function and fashion, I’ve found myself wanting more than just a piece from the Italian surfer-designer.

For those who are into tiny two-pieces, Seea has more than a few of those. However the ones that I’d like to bring to your attention are the rash guards and skirted bottoms. Sounds potentially grandma (wear your sunblock, protect your skin!) and highly unattractive (think professional surf brands)? Here are some of my picks to prove you wrong:




If I had it my way, I would pair the Doheny rash guard or Paloma crop top with the Leucadia skirted high waist bottom. Which in my mind works whether you have washboard abs or a tumbly tummy.





(Psst this might be exactly how I look like at sea, full suit + long sleeves + cap + too much SPF + under an umbrella.)


The only thing holding me back is the weird stares I might get from wearing not only a sleeved top, but a long sleeved one at that to the pool.

Well you know if you change your mind, these friendly folks will let you in on how to return or exchange them.

Pictures from here.

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