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2014_Phillip Lim RTW WC

Mention 3.1 Phillip Lim and boxy variants of the Pashli series of bags or the 31 Hour series comes to mind. However their Holiday 2013 collection intrigues. Had you told me yesterday about a rocking a two piece brilliant English Rose-pink double-breasted jacket and suit pant combination, I would have said you’d be barking mad. Now, I’m not to sure. And that’s a good thing! I believe the styling helps pull the idea together successfully, but I’ll be on the lookout for a luxurious, perfectly cropped just about three-finders above the wrist bone, double-breasted jacket on my subsequent thrift hunts. Or maybe I should just buy this jacket!


Closer inspection of the collection reveal elements and cuts borrowed from sportswear (my favourite!) Like the peplum top (pictured layered over a striped pullover) with the armholes ever-so-subtly concave inwards to reveal just that sliver more of shoulder.


And seriously, are these fleece sport jerseys paired with lux-as-hell pea-shoot green acetate-polyesther mix blouses? I’d wear the first option Monday through to Thursday, and save the latter for dress down Fridays!8_Shot_19_0079_Shot_20_062

I’m taking a mental note to experiment with the single-colour looks. Especially in these brighter than the sun options. Black, for obvious reasons, doesn’t count. Which coincidentally reminds me of another post I’ve been wanting to do!


But by far, I believe my favourite piece is the Swarovski embellished boxy top (below). I’ve been buying a fair share of such boxy tops – loose-fitting, utterly forgiving and skillfully balances being tastefully flirty and a muted masculinity.  24_Shot_08_080

 Shop this look at Club21’s e-store: Embellished Box Top and Embellished Boxing Skirt.

29_Shot_29_170 (1)And styled differently, the overall outcome evokes a completely different character.

Now, isn’t that just beautiful?


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