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Building on Melissa’s Spring Summer 2014 theme, We Are Flowers, they’ve teamed up with the whimsical Brazilian brothers, Fernando and Humberto Campana. The Campana brothers have a penchant for taking unassumingly ordinary materials such as wood, cardboard, rope, hosepipes etc. and giving it a bizarrely complex yet elegantly simplified furniture.

2014_Campana compilation

Photos from here, here, here, here and here

I’d like a roll of Sushi rug (top left corner) please! And I believe Lea Michele may call for her Lady Gaga costume from Glee back. But I think the stuffed animals rock the chair better. (;

If these home wares are a tad too whacky for your everyday. Perhaps you can wear some Campana brilliance in the form of their Melissa Campana Fitas. A beautiful intersection of the Campana brothers’ signature and beautiful showcase of Melissa’s patented MEXFLEX material. Closer inspection reveals rosettes, but from afar I love how the pattern appears somewhat chaotic and random. It’s like wearing your own little secret, no?

Maybe it’s me. But little things like that make me happy!

2014_01_Melissa + Campana 02

Photo from here



Melissa Campana Fitas will be available in the MDreams Boutique at Wheelock Place #B2-03 from February onwards.

My personal favourite is the Basic Brown (above), but it is also available in Basic Black and Silver or Glitter Gold, Black, Pink and Silver. Each pair retails for $125.00


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