A Curious Case


Namecards usually come in a standard deviation of 9cm x 5cm, on 180 – 200 gsm art card paper. My new Wottoncool name cards (don’t believe they’ve made an appearance here yet) illustrate this point. Occasionally there will be a curveball in the mix, with a square design or some more elaborate (READ: expensive)¬†card or two. However, I’ve been helping my partner, Ashley, out with his business which requires circular cards.


They’ve been quite the conversation-starter. But they’ve also been a headache and heartache to carry around, since none of my card cases – Proenza Schouler,¬†Gnome & Bow and Blackberry, are able to accommodate.



So instead of torturing myself with the agony of possibly fishing out a creased card from the depths of my bag, I paper drafted, cut and hand-stitched this circular leather case!


It was completed yesterday afternoon but I didn’t get to shoot it in good daylight until this morning. It’s a fair looking case, if I do say so myself (: The case is made of black calf leather and an avocado-green nylon thread for stitching.

The ends of the ‘U’ are reinforced to prevent fraying from excessive use (see the image above). But if you look closely, the tension on the thread wasn’t very consistent, so bits of the thread stick out from the leather. Also, the leather seams (where two pieces of leather join) aren’t all too smooth either. So it’s something for me to note when I work on my next project.


Thankfully, there were no issues with the fit. The cards sit comfortably in their new home.

_MG_1250_ _MG_1251_ _MG_1252_

My other major gripe is that the leather strip meant to tie/fasten the case close, is attached ever-so-slighly crooked. Either that, or I cut the leather piece crooked.

I’m not sure.


But on a whole, I’m quite content with this first attempt!


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