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A very beautifully wrapped package arrived in the mail yesterday. It was a box from Bynd Artisan, which is owned by Goy Liang Book-Making Company (from what I gather). Inside, was a plain notebook. Ashley, very audibly, groaned when he saw this, because I have not one, but TWO, stacks of empty notebooks that need to be used. But there’s just something very magical and pristine and alluring about a new notebook. The feeling of smooth, crisp pages is just so damn sexy! 





Something interesting was that the paper is made from recycled food pulp.


Which reminded me of my Junior College Project Work (PW) project based on an Italian (I think) company that, similarly, used unorthodox materials for paper-making. Interesting materials included algae and smog (yes, you read that right. Paper made from gas)

The algae paper came about because a lake in the area was getting clogged from an algae bloom. And rather than burning all the harvested algae, the company experimented with converting this raw material into paper, and something useful. You can read more about it here. A little more digging around of the internet led me back to the company that I had based my PW assignment on all those 8 years ago (!!)


The nicest surprise was when I picked up the book. Realised the papers were in ascending colours of cream, avocado, olive, mauve, coffee and chocolate! Thought this gradient was such an unexpected bonus and would look so much prettier on a shelf, not with the spine exposed, but with the pages exposed instead.

Thank you Bynd Artisan.

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