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I’ve been doing a bit of reading about the history of map-making, or cartography, as its called, and just yesterday, I came across the term ‘terra incognita’, which means ‘unknown land’. A phrase that map-makers often employed to label vast areas of land which they knew little about.

With that frame of reference in mind, it struck me as a little strange that Marc Jacobs would choose to title their key bag for this season as The ‘Incognito’ (above). A beautiful bag, no doubt, with a beautiful accompanying video that I caught while reading The New York Times online. You can watch here: The Marc Jacobs ‘Incognito’.


The Incognito pays homage to the classic, and very structured, doctor’s bag. Yet despite the structured frame, is designed to retain a soft and pliable feel. The bag boasts clean and bold details which interest and intrigue. I especially like the very deliberate pleat on both ends, it gives the bag a distinctive silhouette.

The buckle hardware at the handle, however, throws me off a little, but I’m willing to overlook that.




Upon further reading, the name Incognito is a tribute Marc Jacob’s muses, such as Faye Dunaway and Jessica Lange, for their understated, effortless style and their quiet strength.

All Incognito bags are handmade at an atelier in Florence, Italy. Each bag comprises 124 individual parts and requires a full day to construct (which I think is pretty fast, if you ask me!). They also come in smooth or textured leather, as well as crocodile.

Personally, I find the smooth leather finish the most successful. This pale blue one featured has the smooth finish.



Available at the Marc Jacobs store (ION Orchard, #02-12). The Marc Jacobs Incognito comes in two sizes and a variety of colours such as black, pale blue, forest green (crocodile), cashew and plum. Prices range from $3,490 to $4,990. The croc-skin bag, however, will set you back $9,900.  

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 5.01.19 PM

Image credits to Marc Jacobs and Club21.

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