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XQ Paul Smith

If ever there was a nod to the concept of ‘global citizenship’, Paul Smith’s latest exhibition with contemporary Chinese artist collective X+Q Art demonstrates just that. Artists Xiang Jing and Qu Guangci will present their vivid series of refined sculptures starting this week.

Clocking some serious mileage, this traveling exhibition has made stops at exhibitions in London and Shanghai, Paul Smith stores in Faubourg St Honore, Paris and Melbourne. Singapore joins these ranks as a additional destination.

XQ Paul Smith Blue

Qu Guangci’s Chinese cherub-esque sculptures ‘The Angelest Quin’ (above in green and blue) are more successful of the two sculptures. They come in four colourways – red, blue, green and yellow, and for whatever reason, make me feel very relaxed the more I stare at them.

*Psst! You can take one home for S$430 too!

XQ Paul Smith I have seen

Artist Xiang Jing’s ‘I Have Seen Happiness’ rabbit/girl sculptures evoke a air of whimsy. First, it throws me off because I see a girl with bunny ears, but from the press release, she (or it?) is described as a rabbit. Second, the combination of girl + rabbit immediately conjures the association with Alice in Wonderland.

These sweeties retail at S$790 a piece and would make for a beautiful conversation starter when guests come over.

Melbourne  0J8A9760

See them up close at the exhibitition at the Paul Smith Boutique at Mandarin Gallery.

The exhibition is ongoing from 14 September to 2 November 2014.

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