Strength in Numbers

The contingent which makes up PACT has grown in numbers. From the original trio of Kilo (food), sifr (clothes) and pact+LIM (hair salon), also found that that LIM stands for ‘Less Is More’ (profound eh?), the team adds five more creative business under its expanded 7,500 sq ft Orchard Central spaces. The five are Code Deco, Fred Lives Here, Killari, kiyone+LIM, and SPUR Hauswerks.

Think multi-label store on steroids (the good kind!) – fashion retail, fragrances, jewellery, salon, nail art, food, homeware and furniture all rolled into one emporium that will give Diagon Alley a run for its money.

When you arrive at PACT, there are 5 zones to look out for:

Zone 1 – sifr

sifr 1

This area holds primarily fashion merchandise and some accessories such as cards, notebooks, bags, sunglasses, necklaces etc. Here, you can get sifr and sifr essentials. Think about some of the most comfortable cotton tees you’ve ever worn in your life, multiply that feeling by five and maybe you’ll come close to the feeling of sifr’s pima cotton essentials range. If you aren’t adverse to wearing men’s cuts, I’d highly recommend the men’s singlets. (Am wearing mine now and it is SOOO comfortable)

Zone 2 – Kilo

Kilo Orchard 1

A casual dining and bar space, I quite enjoyed their salmon bowl (have you seen the picture I posted on Instagram?). They’ve revamped their menu to include an all day brunch on Sundays. And something I quite like are their sharing plates for dinner. A great space for groups to gather. Do note their kitchen timings though.

Tues – Sat

  • Lunch : 11.30am – 3pm
  • Dinner : 5.30pm – 10pm


  • All-Day Brunch : 11am – 6pm

Kilo Orchard 2

Kilo Orchard 3

For large groups of 10- 14 guests, there’s a separate nook that you can have all to yourself (above).

That’s where I took this picture. Good memories (:

Zone 3 – pact+LIM

pact+LIM 1

If you aren’t paying close attention to Zones 1 and 2, you’ll completely miss Zone 3, an unassuming glasshouse-like structure with cacti and air plants. It conceals sibling hair salon studio to the renowned Japanese salon kizuki+LIM, located at Raffles Hotel (and part of the larger collective of Less Is More salons). If not already evident from the clean and minimalistic ambience, this salon has a distinctly refined Japanese aesthetic. The all-Japanese crew have built a reputation for the high attention to detail and low-key advice. (They are also uber stylish) Writing this, makes me want to experiment with a more Japanese style. But I’ll mull this over a bit more first.

Also, if you ever seek under-the-radar locales to visit in Japan, get your hair done here. I hear the staff are in the know of where to go  and would be more than happy to share a few recommendations for the land of the rising sun. Is that good service or what!

pact+LIM 2
Call +65 6884 4143 to book an appointment with pact+LIM.

Zone 4 –  Store-ception

SPUR Hauwerks 2

Zone 4 is a collective of store-in-stores. (I’ll explain the store-ception later). SPUR Hauswerks takes the front section of Zone 4, with Killari’s semi-precious jewellery off to the side. More on Killari in a bit.

SPUR Hauswerks started as a pop-up in Tiong Bahru in 2011. It is very evident that founders Indri Tulusan and Aiden Hopfner are classically trained in design. Their curation focuses on well-designed homeware and lifestyle products with an emphasis on slow design. They also avidly promote independent designers and makers. You can be very assured that each product and label curated by the duo have strong, compelling stories, visions and messages. That said, the team also promises that the range of products is constantly evolving, and takes into consideration customer feedback and the founders’ own discoveries. Personal favourites are Soil’s natural moisture-absorbing products (which don’t sound all that fancy, but my life changed (a little) after finding out such a thing exists!).

130518_0064_350 130518_0141_350

There’s some science behind how these Soil products work. Can’t wait to read up on it.

Another favourite were these amazing chopsticks which will never touch the table and my current obsession, Tattly temporary tattoos.



Killari, a jewellery brand, which uses semi-precious stones is one of the newer members to join the PACT fold. Founded by Sofia Villacis, an Ecuadorian and self-described ‘nomad’, she started Killari as a tribute to her passion for the hunt.

There were some stunning necklaces and fun bracelets which I’d love to own. But most captivating were the stories behind each of the stones used. A personal favourite were the Maw Sit Sits, found exclusively in Myanmar. Imagine jade that’s been intensely saturated to a bright emerald green, speckled heavily with deep forests greens and blacks, that’s maw sit sit for you. These stones were previously mistaken for a unique variation of jade, and wasn’t till 1963 that it was identified as a separate gem altogether.

Code Deco 2
Perfume brand Code Deco, slated as Singapore’s first artisanal perfumery, has its flagship store-in-store glasshouse in PACT’s zone 4. It that takes you another place, one that shuts out the distractions of the outside world and focuses your mind on being present in a space. Code Deco is an exploration of the conceptual ideologies, science and imagination that is perfume.

The fragrances are designed in several categories and each category has a spectrum of scents of increasing or decreasing masculine/feminine tones. Like Emma Watson says in her speech, we ought to see “gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals”.

I had an interesting chat with founder and creative director, Gauri Garodia, about the perfume culture in Asia. She commented that Asians, Singaporeans included, don’t really have the same kind of connection with scents as do people from (the all encompassing) ‘West’. I thought it was such an interesting comment seeing that foods, spices, flavours play such a vital part of our culture which also also involves the sense of smell.

A 50ml bottle retails for $150. But if commitment to one scent smells like fear to you, there’s also the option of a sampler set (I want one for Christmas please!) which comprises six vials, 3ml each, for $75.
Kiyone+LIM Manicure area
The last space in this space-ception Zone 4, is Kiyone + LIM, a gel nail salon with a distinctly Japanese flavour. The staff are deftly skilled with their paintbrushes and if gel nails are your thing, I think they’d be up for any challenge.

Nail art 6

Kiyone + LIM also has a hidden back space reserved for pedicures as well. Walking through the store and into the this hidden space brought back childhood memories of playing ‘house’ with my siblings. We had the most awesome sponge sofa set (sounds hideous, maybe, but the most amazing modular play pen ever!

Kiyone+LIM 2

Zone 5 – Fred Lives Here

Fred Lives Here 2

Fred Lives Here makes the final zone of this PACT collective space. A homeware and furniture retail space which is unapologetically bold and buzzing with energy. They deck out the spaces for Art Stage and F1, so they definitely have some street cred. The Fred Lives Here team constantly switch things around, so visit often for a visual feast!

They also take custom orders, so if you have any crazy ideas for your home. The leather chair with three-inch long gold spikes you were always dreaming of, Fred Lives Here can help you (:

So that wraps up Zones 1 to 5 of PACT. The numbers for each zone is quite arbitrary.

My best advice for navigating this space is to pace yourself. I won’t try to visit all spaces at one shot, it’d take too much time to pour through Diagon Alley. So maybe tuck in at Kilo at PACT and browse through Fred Lives Here. Return another time for a hair cut or new swanky nails. And look through the rest on another visit. (Suggested itinerary only)

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