7° of separation | 590 Horowitz dots


While Yayoi Kusama’s dots represent life, referred to as living breathing entities and the key to our passage to infinity, according to this Tumblr, Jonathan Horowitz’s 590 Dots project is “a monumentally scaled painting to be realized with the collaboration of 590 individuals over the course of the first month of the show.

On that same thread, Opening Ceremony has teamed up with Jonathan Horowitz to present a limited edition three-piece collection which features a tote bag, a field jacket, and a five-pocket denim pant.


The full polka-dot look kinda reminded me of Iggy Azalea’s 2013 halloween costume as Disney villain, Cruella de Vil. Extra points to her for completing the look with a Dalmatian in tow too!

Which reminds me, Halloween is next week. Got your costume sorted yet?

pop_119506_4b copy

Image credits: Opening Ceremony and Rap-up.com

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