Her Name is Elmyra Duff


Warner Bros and Lazy Oaf come together for Fall 2014 for another collaboration. In the process of trailing through Looney Tunes original characters, Lazy Oaf’s head designer felt drawn to Porky Pig, an integral, but perhaps oft overlooked character.

You’ll see a lot of Porky Pig motifs in this collection.


A piglet even stars in the campaign pictures (above) and video, which is too cute. Seriously. (But I think I ate it’s cousin at the Hilton Hotel’s Sunday Brunch over the weekend :/ #guilty)

Their teaser video is equally cute too.

But above all else, I’m half hoping, half wishfully thinking that a collaboration with Warner Bros and Looney Tunes will see little Elmyra Duff, unnervingly psychotic but innocently unaware of her social ineptness, make an appearance in this future collection. I’m not sure if you experience this too, but there are just certain memories from childhood that are exceptionally crisp for some reason for other.

For myself, there’s a very vivid memory of a bald man singing ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ in a forested area on The Elephant Show and then there’s Elmyra and her  terrorizing other characters, like Taz (below).

For now, the Porky Pig collection will be available at Actually (277 Orchard Road, Orchardgateway #03-18 Singapore 238858) from November. Prices range from $19 for a tote bag to $165 for sweatshirts. *The Sylvester sweater is quite interesting and worth a look.

Image credits: Actually Singapore and Pinterest

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