What happened in Berlin?


Historically, I don’t think doctors were ever considered a stylish bunch. Perhaps people were more focused on them curing various ailments and diagnosing illnesses. But for whatever reason, I find myself repeatedly drawn to the ‘doctor bag’ shape. That, and backpacks.

Maybe the common thread is an inherent utilitarianism about the design.


Whatever it is, I’ve been having dreams about the BOSS Womenswear Berlin Bag, despite the fact that one of the dreams had me gunned down by Russian assassins on my wedding day, (READ: Stress much?!) which is in no way, the bag’s fault.

I kid you not when I say that this is the bag of my dreams!


And for all its architectural precision, sleek framed boxy-but-not-too-boxy-ness, structure and subtle piping/trim details down the sides, all in supple calf-leather goodness, I’m lusting after the largest of the three Berlins (below).


For practicality reasons, I couldn’t deal with anything smaller. I carry my world with me.

Unless the bag packs like a Mary Poppins’, bigger is better.

From a cursory online search, this largest Berlin is $1,450.00 (and a steal! compared to the Marc Jacobs Incognito (READ: starting from $3,490) and the pre-owned Chanel bag (READ: $2,995), from Reebonz, that I posted on Instagram!)


Images from: Hugo Boss and here

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