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Valentino Spring 2015

Valentino’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection has my brow furrowed and left me in a permanent state of ponder-ment. All I can say is creative directors Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, who’ve been at the helm since 2008, have a very broad idea of who the Valentino woman is. A segment of their collection presents, in sharp contrast with the rest of the collection, a strikingly vibrant and graphic mix of checkerboard, stripes and chevrons.

Valentino Spring 2015 04

While I can’t immediately relate to this woman they are portraying. It does hold a certain amount of intrigue and, dare I say, shock factor as well. My personal colour milestone lies with a tee from hansel’s Tiers of Joy collection, and Valentino’s collection for 2015 is several leagues away. This young grasshopper pays dutiful respect to the master. *bows*


(By the way, I certainly hope that those fur coats I spy are all faux.)

Perhaps this segment of the collection represents the younger end of the spectrum for the Valentino customer. One that, arguably, may crossover into the sphere of REDvalentino instead.

Valentino Spring 2015 03

In addition to the bold use of colour and print for Spring/Summer 2015, Valentino’s lookbook showcases a dynamic spread of looks and, I feel, characters. Some of whom I relate to much more than others. Clearly these printed glamazons aren’t part of my apparel choice’s fray, neither are the embroidered dresses and skirts with floral motifs, nor the lace maxi dresses (with or without embroidery). The latter conjures imagery of what my grandma may have worn to church as a young lady. Don’t get me wrong, the pieces are undeniably beautiful and striking, but I think the climate, both in terms of weather and trends, may not be most suited for it.

But granted that the key inspiration came from Meixcan artist, Frida Kahlo, its no wonder the collection incorporates vibrant colour, sweet flora and fauna iconography and an infusion of the culture (and religion?)

Valentino Spring 2015 02

I suppose its my penchant for all things structured, clean and simple. The billowy options and short sweet dresses is a spoonful of sugar too much. In any case, here are my favourite looks from the mash-up of characters presented. And I hope LN-CC stocks my favourites for next season. Just so I can cry at the prices on these beauties.

P53 P08 P19 P20 P22 P33


Image Credit: Valentino

Models Mid Turn


The house of Maison Martin Margiela has been a cornerstone of avant garde thinking and many OMGWTFBBQ moments in fashion with their dedication to going against the grain and commitment to a white-on-white-on-white-on-white that is very worthy of admiration.

At their recent standalone boutique opening at Marina Bay Sands, the avant garde continued with in-store displays of beaded faces masks from their archives to current-season apparel. Keep your eyes peeled for the champagne bottle sticker long coat, rectangular-front dress (I have no other words to describe it) and a illusionary bare-there leotard top complete with gloved sleeves.

Warning: This is a very photo-heavy post.

_MG_0002 _MG_0003 _MG_0005 _MG_0006 _MG_0007 _MG_0008 _MG_0009 _MG_0010 _MG_0011

An unexpected element of the evening what a showcase of their Fall/Winter 2014 collection, presented by a slew of leggy beauties and scruffy male models (or least, the scruffy model was the most memorable of the lot).


Because of the store layout and inherent lighting. When they’d stop in front of me, their posture obstructed half their apparel from being illuminated. The result is a series of awkward legs and ‘caught-you-while-blinking’ moments but illuminated clothing. I thought it was somewhat fitting that this would happen with Maison Martin Margiela. Perhaps as a cruel joke, all in the name of the anti-establishment.

_MG_9848 _MG_9851 _MG_9853 _MG_9855 _MG_9856 _MG_9859 _MG_9860

The clothing was deceptively simple and oozed wearability.

_MG_9869 _MG_9871 _MG_9875

And I thought the accessories really stole the show that evening. Above is a sort of inverted leather bags, with hardware buckles riveted to the interior of the bag. Below is a mother-of-pearl checkerboard clutch, which I thought was so beautiful. Not sure why I didn’t check the price of it though.

_MG_9885 _MG_9886 _MG_9889 _MG_9903



Another favourite was this funny interpretation of ID bracelets into an oversized hardware detail for their clutch. Brilliant! So goddamn brilliant! I hope The Outnet stocks it in a year (maybe more), because I probably can’t afford it any other way in any case.

_MG_9904 _MG_9905 _MG_9909 _MG_9913 _MG_9919 _MG_9921 _MG_9924 _MG_9942 _MG_9949 _MG_9957 _MG_9962 _MG_9992 _MG_9994 _MG_9995
_MG_9997 _MG_9998 _MG_9999


In the meantime, I had a peek at The Outnet just to suss out what sort of discounted prices of Maison Martin Margiela would be. And was surprised by the details on some of their shoes!


Despite the severe chopped look of these leather mules, £229.60 (Original price £459.21), they look so effortless and neutral, like they’d match just about anything I want to wear. They look comfy too.

MMM Shoes

I was scratching my head for awhile, staring at the cutout-heel leather boots, £274.35 (Original price £685.87), I’d buy them just to see the shocked/surprised expressions on people’s faces. Hehs. 


The most special ones though, are these cutout leather pumps, £186.67 (Original price £499.34), with their reversed semi-d’Orsay detailing. I never would have thought of that. Wow.

Gorgeously Tanned In Summer






Frozen in Harrods WC

Earlier this year, my younger sister and I had the chance to run around Harrods for about an hour or two. Rather than working our way floor by fabled floor, we instead opted to beeline to the children’s section – because, seriously, if the toys section isn’t any fun, I can’t quite expect the rest of the mall to be either. And Harrods didn’t disappoint! I got a selfie with Anna and had the chance to give a GIANT Olaf a big ol’ bear hug. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 5.14.31 PM

I remember watching Frozen in the theatre, after hearing my brother and younger sister rave about the movie. If it hadn’t been for them talking about the movie so much, I would have given it a miss (and kicked myself really, really hard after). I also recall mid-way through the movie recognizing Idina Menzel’s voice and getting very excited, because she has such a beautiful, powerful voice and I was happy that Disney had decided to work with her again.

On a sidenote, Disney casted singers for the translated versions of ‘Let It Go’ based on how well the singers matched Idina Menzel’s voice. Loved that!

But the surprise star who kinda stole the show (and audience’s hearts) would have to be Olaf the Snowman. The moose comes in close second (?)


It’s perhaps on this note, of Olaf’s popularity (because I didn’t see any Elsa or Anna dolls), that Disney is banking on another collaboration this Christmas. Because, as I found out at Harrods, Olaf isn’t cheap.


Yes, you read that right. Olaf has a whopping £1,000 price tag!

Olaf SK Jewellery

So it comes as some relief that SK Jewellery’s ©Disney’s Frozen Collection has a relatively friendly price point, starting at S$399 only!

I thought it was extremely clever of the design team to incorporate the diamond placements to mirror Olaf’s “buttons”.

The ©Disney’s Frozen Collection will be available at all SK Jewellery showrooms island-wide from December 2014.

 Image Credits: Disney UK, SK Jewellery, Pinterest



The summer sun down under can really bite. I recall spending some time in Sydney in ’06 when my family and I would hurriedly rush out of the sun, in between buildings, in Sydney city. The fact that we’d turn the corner, escaping the sun’s biting rays, only to be hit by icy drafts funneled between skyscrapers is another matter. But recalling that incident and after attending the press preview, it’s almost given that a beautifully hand-crafted hat brand would hail from Australia. Introducing Helen Kaminski.


Helen Kaminski has been around since 1983. They’ve got a strong presence in Australia. They are also popular in America and, closer to home, Japan and Korea as well. Starting 2015, the hats featured in this blog post will be available at Club 21b.


Personally, I found myself preferring the Kaminski XY designs, essentially all the masculine designs. Most of which boast features such as ‘roll-a-bility’, water resistance and UPF 50+ sun protection. Also, because this range is designed for men, the hat brims come in different sizes, to fit my big head.

_MG_9317 _MG_9297

Their signature style utilizes Madagascan raffia which contain natural resins. These imbue the raffia with strength and flexibility. According to an infographic in their release, a ‘Provence 12’ (floppy sun hat) has 18,000 stitches and requires 2.5 days of hand crocheting to complete. All Helen Kaminski hats also boast no visible knots nor joints. (!!)

Depending on design, it can also take up to 85 metres of braided raffia to make one hat.

_MG_9298 _MG_9299

As a brand, especially one whose key raw material is so closely connected with the earth, Helen Kaminski articulates a strong  and long-standing commitment to sustainable materials and practices. In 2007, the brand received the Fashion Group International’s Sustainable Design Award  for their  eco-friendly design principles. They are also invested in conserving traditional handcraft techniques by working with local communities in Madagascar and Sri Lanka.



Designed for the globe-trotting citizen in mind, Helen Kaminski hats with the string at the crown brim line (above) can be rolled up and squished into your suitcase for a beach holiday (or any holiday for that matter!) and they promise to keep its shape! Just unroll and they should pop back into shape.

So you can do away with bulky hat boxes and trunkloads of travel “essentials”, unless you plan to show off that extensive Louis Vuitton trunk collection you’ve been amassing, and pack light, pack efficient instead.

I much prefer (and can afford!) the fuss-free latter.




Bags, pouches, cases were added to the product line in 2004. They were very nice and very well made, but none of them really caught my eye.


Was much more preoccupied taking selfies with different hats on. 😀



_MG_9331 _MG_9332 _MG_9334
_MG_9340 _MG_9343 _MG_9345


Keep your eyes peeled for when they hit Club 21b in 2015!

Geographical Robes

Map Dresses 06

Wottoncool’s appreciation of origami can be traced back to our baby years in blogging (*cough* 2008 *cough cough*) when I wrote Paper Trail. This love and appreciation for the versatility of paper extended into posts such as Research Paper I: Jackets and Dresses, Dalsey Hillblom and Lynn and Research Paper II: others. Combined with a knack for Finding my way around, a series of cartographical wonderments (in and of itself) are made more beautiful in the hands of French artist Elisabeth Lecourt into meticulously folded, pleated masterpieces.

Map Dresses 01

Although I doubt I’d be donning any of these baby dolls soon, I’m amazed at the artist’s ability to retain much of the scenes/landscapes without messing up the alignment of gridlines and borders.

Map Dresses 02 Map Dresses 03

It’s also interesting to see the evolution of map-mapping or cartographic drawing styles, like above, from maps used to tell stories/narratives about the landscape (on the right) about a particularly epic traverse across oceans fraught with beasts of the sea, to maps more concerned with accurately portraying one’s resources (left) and the desire to conquer more land (cos if you don’t have accurate maps, you can’t definitely say that you are king of the bigger hill. Map Dresses 04

If someone made map shirts, however, I’d love to add these to my wardrobe. Especially the one on the right with it’s sepia tones and buttons. What a proper looking Oxford shirt and I’d never get lost again!
Map Dresses 05


View more of Elisabeth Lecourt’s portfolio here.


Image Credit: Talenthouse

The ‘Win’ in Winter

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 11.31.58 AM

Mulberry has just released their holiday video entitled ‘Mulberry #WinChristmas’. The narrative tells a tale of the proper Christmas tradition of exchanging gifts, and (in my opinion) laboriously opening each present individually in front of the giver. Personally, after the 1997 financial crisis, my family did away with each person receiving multiple gifts. So one aunt or uncle would be in charge of gifting to their assigned relative’s family and vice versa. But logistics aside, as us kids grew older, the whole act of gifting kind of disappeared altogether, everyone much preferring the company and good food instead (our Christmas dinners are very epic)

I digress.

The Mulberry family in question, take turns out-gifting one another. First with a hand-painted portrait of the recipient (which is my favourite, really), followed by a puppy that can wave too (gifting animals during Christmas is one of the most cruel things you can do! Most end up being return/abandoned because the new owner isn’t prepared for another living thing to be its responsibility), followed by a unicorn (ok, points there dude. Not sure which section of Harrods you got that from, but I’d like one too!)

The kicker is delivered with a dose of ‘Lie To Me’-worthy micro-expressions – shock, confusion, disbelief and a crazy-mad-happy-‘oh yeah, all you other presents can suck it’ over the moon joy when Grandma’s present is revealed.

Watch the video for yourself.

And if you aren’t able to #WinChristmas this year. Don’t worry, there’s also New Year’s Eve/Day, Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, the Great Singapore Sale or next Christmas for another attempt.

Image Credit: Mulberry via Club 21