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The Gangnam area in Seoul, is reminiscent of the ‘see and be seen’ energy that was Heeren and that 77th Street cave-retail space back in the 90s. (Sidetrack: Does saying ‘before the cusp of the 21st Century’ sound to old?! hehs) But instead of a little enclave, its a sprawling series of streets that criss and cross. Each one bursting at its seams with cafes, independent boutiques, multi-label stores and throngs of well-dressed, good-looking (presumably wealthy) young Koreans walking about, or enjoying a cuppa jo.

Avelon 02It was in one of these multi-labels stores I picked up a pair of pants from ‘Avelon’. Although not familiar with the brand, they were a smashing pair of well-made pants. A little bit of Googling, brought me to this:

Avelon believes in beautiful different. We see beautiful where others do not. We like to surprise by being counter-intuitive, to take things out of context. Avelon likes to be subtle, but we are strong when we need to be. You will see Avelon when high fashion meets reality, when effortless meets directional. You will find Avelon when sophisticated luxury meets raw edge. Avelon likes to be smart without being boring, to be casual with flair. We do not like to shout, we prefer to whisper.  Avelon leads by following itself.

We are Avelon, we believe in beautiful different.

What’s not to love about their brand ethos.

Avelon 03

A bit more digging through their collection had me pulling out many favourites. The last look (above), I’d wear in a heartbeat. And the dusty pink oversized tee and flare pant combo looks so dreamy, like a chic pyjamas combo for the fabulous slumber party I’ve always imagined throwing, should the Gossip Girls cast ever call.



I also thought their interpretations and play on fringe details was very refreshing. Be it the straightforward pant and sleeve detailing. Or then taking it and arranging them neatly with stitching.


Over the weekend, my family was discussing Christmas decorations for this year. And we have an ambitious plan to create a three-dimensional Christmas tree out of cardboard (our old cardboard one was getting old, and sad, and it’s branches didn’t stay up any more) and in the spirit of making a cardboard tree, my siblings and I are challenging each other to make DIY ornaments to embellish said cardboard tree this year.

My dad got really excited by the news and was already forming ideas about what he’d make using origami.

I think yesterday’s conversations about a crafty Christmas finds me drawn to these works by Avelon. Firstly this dress with pleated sheer fabrics layered on in an almost haphazardly beautiful way.


And this gem of a skirt, on their Facebook Page, with beautiful pleating that just beckons gnawing. Seriously, its too cute not to gnaw. The folded skirt retails for EURO 349 on the Avelon website. And their price range spans between EURO 89 for a jersey tee to EURO 1,999 for a fur coat.

I think I’ll check back in summer, prices (and fabrics) would be more equator-friendly. I hope!¬†


Image credits: Avelon (website), Avelone Facebook Page

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