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Valentino Spring 2015

Valentino’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection has my brow furrowed and left me in a permanent state of ponder-ment. All I can say is creative directors┬áMaria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, who’ve been at the helm since 2008, have a very broad idea of who the Valentino woman is. A segment of their collection presents, in sharp contrast with the rest of the collection, a strikingly vibrant and graphic mix of checkerboard, stripes and chevrons.

Valentino Spring 2015 04

While I can’t immediately relate to this woman they are portraying. It does hold a certain amount of intrigue and, dare I say, shock factor as well. My personal colour milestone lies with a tee from hansel’s Tiers of Joy collection, and Valentino’s collection for 2015 is several leagues away. This young grasshopper pays dutiful respect to the master. *bows*


(By the way, I certainly hope that those fur coats I spy are all faux.)

Perhaps this segment of the collection represents the younger end of the spectrum for the Valentino customer. One that, arguably, may crossover into the sphere of REDvalentino instead.

Valentino Spring 2015 03

In addition to the bold use of colour and print for Spring/Summer 2015, Valentino’s lookbook showcases a dynamic spread of looks and, I feel, characters. Some of whom I relate to much more than others. Clearly these printed glamazons aren’t part of my apparel choice’s fray, neither are the embroidered dresses and skirts with floral motifs, nor the lace maxi dresses (with or without embroidery). The latter conjures imagery of what my grandma may have worn to church as a young lady.┬áDon’t get me wrong, the pieces are undeniably beautiful and striking, but I think the climate, both in terms of weather and trends, may not be most suited for it.

But granted that the key inspiration came from Meixcan artist, Frida Kahlo, its no wonder the collection incorporates vibrant colour, sweet flora and fauna iconography and an infusion of the culture (and religion?)

Valentino Spring 2015 02

I suppose its my penchant for all things structured, clean and simple. The billowy options and short sweet dresses is a spoonful of sugar too much. In any case, here are my favourite looks from the mash-up of characters presented. And I hope LN-CC stocks my favourites for next season. Just so I can cry at the prices on these beauties.

P53 P08 P19 P20 P22 P33


Image Credit: Valentino

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