Geographical Robes

Map Dresses 06

Wottoncool’s appreciation of origami can be traced back to our baby years in blogging (*cough* 2008 *cough cough*) when I wrote Paper Trail. This love and appreciation for the versatility of paper extended into posts such as Research Paper I: Jackets and Dresses, Dalsey Hillblom and Lynn and Research Paper II: others. Combined with a knack for Finding my way around, a series of cartographical wonderments (in and of itself) are made more beautiful in the hands of French artist Elisabeth Lecourt into meticulously folded, pleated masterpieces.

Map Dresses 01

Although I doubt I’d be donning any of these baby dolls soon, I’m amazed at the artist’s ability to retain much of the scenes/landscapes without messing up the alignment of gridlines and borders.

Map Dresses 02 Map Dresses 03

It’s also interesting to see the evolution of map-mapping or cartographic drawing styles, like above, from maps used to tell stories/narratives about the landscape (on the right) about a particularly epic traverse across oceans fraught with beasts of the sea, to maps more concerned with accurately portraying one’s resources (left) and the desire to conquer more land (cos if you don’t have accurate maps, you can’t definitely say that you are king of the bigger hill. Map Dresses 04

If someone made map shirts, however, I’d love to add these to my wardrobe. Especially the one on the right with it’s sepia tones and buttons. What a proper looking Oxford shirt and I’d never get lost again!
Map Dresses 05


View more of Elisabeth Lecourt’s portfolio here.


Image Credit: Talenthouse

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