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Frozen in Harrods WC

Earlier this year, my younger sister and I had the chance to run around Harrods for about an hour or two. Rather than working our way floor by fabled floor, we instead opted to beeline to the children’s section – because, seriously, if the toys section isn’t any fun, I can’t quite expect the rest of the mall to be either. And Harrods didn’t disappoint! I got a selfie with Anna and had the chance to give a GIANT Olaf a big ol’ bear hug. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 5.14.31 PM

I remember watching Frozen in the theatre, after hearing my brother and younger sister rave about the movie. If it hadn’t been for them talking about the movie so much, I would have given it a miss (and kicked myself really, really hard after). I also recall mid-way through the movie recognizing Idina Menzel’s voice and getting very excited, because she has such a beautiful, powerful voice and I was happy that Disney had decided to work with her again.

On a sidenote, Disney casted singers for the translated versions of ‘Let It Go’ based on how well the singers matched Idina Menzel’s voice. Loved that!

But the surprise star who kinda stole the show (and audience’s hearts) would have to be Olaf the Snowman. The moose comes in close second (?)


It’s perhaps on this note, of Olaf’s popularity (because I didn’t see any Elsa or Anna dolls), that Disney is banking on another collaboration this Christmas. Because, as I found out at Harrods, Olaf isn’t cheap.


Yes, you read that right. Olaf has a whopping £1,000 price tag!

Olaf SK Jewellery

So it comes as some relief that SK Jewellery’s ©Disney’s Frozen Collection has a relatively friendly price point, starting at S$399 only!

I thought it was extremely clever of the design team to incorporate the diamond placements to mirror Olaf’s “buttons”.

The ©Disney’s Frozen Collection will be available at all SK Jewellery showrooms island-wide from December 2014.

 Image Credits: Disney UK, SK Jewellery, Pinterest
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