Gratitude & Peranakan Glamour

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Monsieur Christian Louboutin was in town to meet and greet customers and media with a beautiful Peranakan-themed soiree at this boutique in Takashimaya, with the after party at Potato Head Folk. The foyer area of the store was transformed into a shophouse front with beautiful tiling and subtle hints of Christian Louboutin’s iconic red soles incorporated into motifs for the evening.

I understand from the On Pedder team, who graciously extended an invitation to Wottoncool, (Thank you On Pedder!) that Monsieur Christian Louboutin was previously in Singapore about 7 or 8 years ago. Even before he had a standalone store on this little red dot.

Late last month, he was back on our sunny shores, making sure customers and VIPs were happy and had the opportunity to interact with him.


While most obligingly queued, bade their time for their turn for a picture with the man of the hour, I was just honored to be in his presence (and didn’t want to wrestle with everyone for a picture together and the real reason is because I’m not photogenic at all). Was busy snapping pictures of the store and products instead.

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Christian Louboutin was impressively chill about the entire meet and greet in his boutique. I was impressed by how at ease he was, meeting customers halfway around the world. Listening intently to what they had to say, making jokes, helping VIPs pick out shoes to buy, acceding to requests for pictures together and, probably, autographing shoes (I didn’t see him do the latter much)


Even after about 2 and a half hours meeting guests at his boutique, the party and mingling continued at the after-party location, which continued well into the night.

This man is a genius, and I am in awe.

Once again, thank you very much On Pedder for the invitation and the opportunity.

I shall leave you to ogle at beautiful shoes and bags. Look out for the slip-ons with the ‘hands’ print. I think those are absolutely brilliant.


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