The Colours of Trench

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Burberry’s latest video, uploaded last week and with over 3 million views (!), proves the point that tone-on-tone-on-tone is totally on trend right now. Featuring Romeo Beckham and with music by Ed Harcourt, the four-minute long narrative is described as that of a young couple falling in love on the streets of London. But I saw it play out more like Peter Pan playing with his shadow, in the beginning, before exploding into the immaculately choreographed world of Burberry’s London – a “Singin’ in the Rain” moment with slew back up dancers. And made in very Wes Anderson fashion, using a splice of Pantone chart comprising of trench hues of honey, ecru, stone, beige, chocolate and black.

The short film climaxes (at 2:40) with a Cinderella-esque ballroom dance. A swirling succession of honey-toned strapless layered tulle princesses and charming nutcrackers, not a step out of place – moving, dancing, celebrating; the beautiful world of Burberry.

The setting doesn’t look out of place, I imagine, for when the dancers leave and the last laughs of the evening barely linger in the alleyways of these imagined streets, for a little old lady to wander out speaking ‘Tuppence, tuppence a bag’ as the orchestral version of ‘Feed the birds’ plays, and the camera view pans out and fades into darkness.

Or perhaps, Julie Andrew’s voice to sing us out.

Mary Poppins or Burberry, this is ‘From London with Love’.

And if you crave some eye-candy. I’d recommend zipping over to the Art Of The Trench gallery pages for a healthy dose of ‘the latest photos featuring men and women in any colour, any style trench coats shot in all weather’. The only trench I’ve yet to spot is the one most commonly seen in sunny Singapore – the invisible trench.

😀 I kid.

Image & Video Credit: Burberry

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