WOTTONCOOL is cotton wool with the first letters mixed up, if you haven’t realised.

This blog of fashion and inspiration – it’s kinda like our bubble, and we’re glad you managed to pop by.

We are Jo and Sarah, two girls from Singapore, and this is our attempt at taking fashion, and occasionally art, talking about it, mixing, jumbling, tossing it up and giving it a twist (who cares if it is new or not – Sarah says most people don’t actually think out of the box anyway. Jo nods).

We hi-fived and locked pinkies after Qiu Hao’s Something Growing Show at the Singapore Fashion Festival on 30 March 2008 to start a little something that will eventually see us staging a fashion collection in seven years’ time.

Hoping it will materialize, and hope to see you then! But meanwhile, do stay with us.


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