Thinking of what Sarah said


Taking inspiration from love songs cutting across various music genres, Club 21 has just unveiled a collaboration with artist Dawn Ng to create the cover for their Valentine’s Day look book. A deceptively simplistic mish-mash of found objects, Dawn lends meaning and to each item, imbuing it with the physical representation of songs like Nancy Sinatra’s Bang Bang (My baby shot me down), Nouvelle Vague’s Melt with you and boy band classic, Backstreet Boy’s Quit playing games (with my heart).

Read more about the collaboration here.

And perhaps I’m in a dark state, with it being Monday and all, as I write this. Immediately thought of Death Cab for Cutie’s What Sarah Said. My favorite phrase, “love is watching someone die”.

Anywhoots, something more joyous to cheer about this Valentine’s week… Club 21 Online is having a promo. Get 10% off when you purchase two or more items from now till 14 February. I have my heart set of this gorgeous Carven T-shirt dress, another sweater (this time in monochrome) and the dreamiest skirt there ever was.

Have fun shopping!

Analogue this cool cat


A blogging by-product has been this concerted effort to improve my photography and produce better visuals for Wottoncool. Transitioning from a point-and-shoot in 2009 to a semi-pro, to a DSLR and then, most recently, upgrading my lens. And with it, learning the lingo about apertures, bokehs, ISOs etc. Not that all the technical specifications make the most sense, but when Lomography released a new 35mm build-your-own single-lens reflex camera, that certainly had my interest piqued.


The Konstruktor is described as a world’s first do-it-yourself camera, allowing you to explore the mechanics, understand and experience the essence of photography from inside out. It has a top-down viewfinder and accessory packs for add-ons for long exposures or a detachable 50mm lens.

The camera comes craftily packaged in an assembly kit set. Set aside S$58 and 1-2 hours of construction time. I think Lomography is clever to charge you S$58 AND have you assemble to camera too! 


  • DIY 35mm SLR camera with interchangeable lens system
  • Includes 50mm f/10 lens
  • Shutter speed: 1/80s
  • Multiple exposure capability
  • Tripod thread for long exposures






Check out the Konstruktor microsite for more info!



And just in case you are wondering, the zhao cai mao tee is from a Uniqlo x NOISE Singapore collaboration.




Frozen People

We haven’t shared nearly enough of OMGWTFBBQ moments. But this deftly witty series of classical sculptures dressed “as hipsters”, is right up the alley! Produced by photographer, Léo Caillard, and photo editor, Alexis Persani, they’ve “clothed” sculptures and make me pause for a moment longer and look at them as people and imagine who they’d be and what they’d be doing if they weren’t frozen in stone.


Had a little too much to eat?


Woah! What do you mean there’s no more coffee?!


(feel like I’m stealing on an intimate moment here)


Yeah, I’m too cool for school…



Where shall we go for brunch?



Hang on, my top knot isn’t done yet.

This series couldn’t be more perfect. View the full series here, on Today I learnt Something New.


Inyati Twenty Four


For most, Africa may be all about the mammalian big 5 – elephant, lion, buffalo, rhinoceros and leopard. But to the mix, I throw in wonder, amazement, absolute serenity and beauty with a splash of savage and healthy dose of honesty, at least at Inyati. South Africa is a surreal backdrop of uninterrupted sky. Where sunsets linger for a good hour and a half, as though mother nature takes her time to bask in her beauty. The blue of day slowly sheds its skin to reveal hues of lavender, crimson, jade, salmon and lilac. The sun hangs low on the horizon and casts a copper glow on everything within reach.

My family and I spent 6 days in the African bush, in a lodge called Inyati, which was a recommendation by Taga Safaris. I’ll explain more about the lodge in my next post (: For now, here’s what I saw in my first 24 hours on safari. Enjoy!

_MG_8778_MG_8779_MG_8781_MG_8785 _MG_8788 _MG_8795 _MG_8796_ _MG_8797 _MG_8811 _MG_8813 _MG_8822 _MG_8824 _MG_8826 _MG_8828 _MG_8829 _MG_8830 _MG_8834 _MG_8840 _MG_8848 _MG_8849_ _MG_8853 _MG_8856 _MG_8862 _MG_8881 _MG_8886 _MG_8889_ _MG_8906 _MG_8914 _MG_8915_ _MG_8917 _MG_8918 _MG_8925 _MG_8932 _MG_8933 _MG_8936 _MG_8944 _MG_8946 _MG_8951 _MG_8953 _MG_8955 _MG_8963 _MG_8967 _MG_8972_ _MG_8975_MG_8988 _MG_8998 _MG_9000 _MG_9002 _MG_9004 _MG_9015 _MG_9019 _MG_9024_MG_9027 _MG_9033 _MG_9035 _MG_9051 _MG_9058 _MG_9059 _MG_9060 _MG_9065 _MG_9067 _MG_9070 _MG_9072 _MG_9075 _MG_9078 _MG_9079 _MG_9080 _MG_9082 _MG_9085 _MG_9087 _MG_9088 _MG_9089 _MG_9091 _MG_9094 _MG_9096 _MG_9098 _MG_9099 _MG_9101 _MG_9102 _MG_9103 _MG_9106 _MG_9107 _MG_9110


_MG_9113 _MG_9130 _MG_9131 _MG_9134 _MG_9135 _MG_9143 _MG_9145 _MG_9152 _MG_9155 _MG_9160 _MG_9165 _MG_9167 _MG_9168 _MG_9169 _MG_9175 _MG_9179 _MG_9181 _MG_9183 _MG_9184 _MG_9186 _MG_9196 _MG_9200 _MG_9201 _MG_9203 _MG_9204 _MG_9209 _MG_9216 _MG_9221 _MG_9223 _MG_9229 _MG_9231 _MG_9233 _MG_9238 _MG_9239 _MG_9240 _MG_9242 _MG_9244 _MG_9250 _MG_9254 _MG_9257 _MG_9258 _MG_9259 _MG_9268 _MG_9278 _MG_9280 _MG_9283 _MG_9288 _MG_9291 _MG_9292 _MG_9293 _MG_9294 _MG_9295 _MG_9298 _MG_9300 _MG_9302 _MG_9303 _MG_9312 _MG_9313 _MG_9314 _MG_9321 _MG_9325 _MG_9327 _MG_9329 _MG_9330 _MG_9332 _MG_9335 _MG_9337 _MG_9338 _MG_9340 _MG_9345 _MG_9346 _MG_9353 _MG_9358 _MG_9362 _MG_9376 _MG_9378 _MG_9383 _MG_9396 _MG_9399 _MG_9403 _MG_9404 _MG_9405 _MG_9410 _MG_9416 _MG_9419 _MG_9425 _MG_9433 _MG_9436 _MG_9439 _MG_9454 _MG_9455 _MG_9456 _MG_9460 _MG_9462 _MG_9463 _MG_9464 _MG_9468 _MG_9473 _MG_9477 _MG_9483 _MG_9504 _MG_9509 _MG_9512 _MG_9514 _MG_9515 _MG_9516 _MG_9519 _MG_9521 _MG_9522 _MG_9526 _MG_9527 _MG_9528 _MG_9529 _MG_9530 _MG_9531


On Pedder‘s in-house zine is the literal, visually dynamic and tangible manifestation of the brand. Starting tomorrow, it celebrates ten previous issues and the 11th edition – Exhibitionist – with a retrospective exhibition inviting viewers through a succinctly curated collection of the most captivating images from the publication’s archives.

To be honest, I never knew the extent of Pedderzine’s creative prowess, which I very openly admitted to the On Pedder Communications team as they brought me through an intimate presentation yesterday. Perhaps its easy to dismiss zine, with all its secrets and wonders trapped within tiny confines. Perhaps its the flurry of print media we’re bombarded with on a daily basis. Perhaps its also that these zines are so hard to come by, since they are typically only reserved for top customers. On a sidenote, after realizing the amount of work that goes into each zine, I had flashbacks of my experience being a student union finance secretary and having to justify magazine publication budgets. Completely understand them spending the money where it matters (read: Top-tier customers) because I’m not exactly at the stage where I can drop a month’s salary on a pair of shoes (with ease). Not yet at least! (:

Under the artistic direction of Singapore’s Theseus Chan (owner of WORK Advertising), ten unassuming zines on display within the exhibition space at the Scotts Square store house past collaborations with works from the likes of renowned British photographers Simon Larbalestier, Singapore’s John Clang and Keiichi Tanaami. My favourite cover would have to be Edition #3 “Super Natural” featuring John Clang’s larger-than-life Dries Van Noten cover for Spring/Summer 2008 (below).

Leave me with enough time to pour through these zines three or four times over and I’ll still be discovering new things I never noticed before every single time.

This exhibition, which has been six months in-the-making, stands as a small but notable testament to On Pedder’s commitment to aesthetics since it’s first issue in 2007. I look forward to a larger scale exhibition when their 20th or 50th issue celebration rolls around. I want to see these works blown up on a large scale and hung in a gallery space. Every single page you could frame up and call it art! I kid you not, each page is that gorgeously AMAZING. And since each issue is so different from one another. There’s bound to be something that appeals to every one! Bottomline, I love what I see and I want to see much much more of On Pedder’s creative world.

This exhibition got me thinking: ‘The bane and beauty of art is in its limitlessness.’ And anyone whose ever taken a class in art and experienced the overwhelming fear and uncertainty of a blank paper or canvas staring back at you understands this. It can paralyze, freezing you in your feet or it can be wildly addictive, as you chase the high from the boundless exploration that will ensue. Safe to say, I have a newfound appreciation for On Pedder’s commitment to pushing boundaries and taking on the challenge of tackling this limitlessness in new and exciting ways every season.

And when you are at this exhibition, take a moment to think about what you would put to paper if you were given all the creative freedoms and access to some of the world’s most gorgeous shoes and accessories. Then take the time to really appreciate all the subtleties that each Pedderzine brings to this exhibition. And for that moment or two, get lost in their world. What have you got to lose?

Exhibitionist: Pedderzine Uncatalogued
September 28 2012 to October 19 2012
On Pedder, Level 2 Scotts Square

Limited edition tote bags (below) from Exhibitionist: Pedderzine Uncatalogued will be available for sale exclusively at all On Pedder stores. There are 11 different designs.

Everything You Ever Wanted Is Right Here

If you ever have the opportunity and good fortune, I hope that you get to meet Dawn Ng in person. This brand strategist turned artist has produced a string of notable works including I Fly Like Paper Get High Like Planes, Walter, 31 Kinds of Wonderful, has a new solo exhibition entitled Everything You Ever Wanted Is Right Here.

This series of handcrafted photographic and typography-based collages of home presents a tongue-in-cheek visual documentary of present day Singapore, taken over a 4 month period of photo-journalism and interviews with locals. By slicing huge panels of words through large-scale photographs, these collages expose the cultural sentiments bubbling beneath one the world’s most highly case-studied cities, as it tells the ongoing story of a country in-the-making. This exhibition is core to Dawn’s  obsession with the notion of home, identity and belonging, and her attempt to capture the ever-changing form of the latter.

The large format photographs combined with cut out text almost had me searching for a physical ‘Reblog’ button as it conjured thoughts of Tumblr. Which seems to be very appropriate right now, with Proenza Schouler receiving a similar review from New York Times.

Last year, I had the opportunity to interact with Dawn as she was preparing for her exhibition of 31 Kinds of Wonderful at, now defunct, A Curious Teepee. It was during those few days I got to learn more about her story, her previous jobs and the series of events that led her to become an artist. Safe to say I was completely inspired and motivated to explore the world and challenge my comfort zone. Which in turn, lead to me working really hard, saving as much money as I could, and NOT shopping (which was a VERY big deal) and leaving sunny Singapore for three months to immerse myself in New York City. It was very nice to see her again at the exhibition opening, albeit for not as long a duration this time. And I hope to catch her for coffee sometime soon.

Dawn Ng’s solo exhibition: Everything You Ever Wanted Is Right Here can be found at 328 North Bridge Road, Raffles Hotel Arcade #01-20/21, Singapore 188719 from September 7 to September 24 2012.