Twist and Shout

If you ever have the opportunity to observe Jo’s styling choices over a prolonged period of time (in a non-stalkerish way), I hope, that you’ll also find amazement and wonderment in the way she puts accessories and items together in completely unexpected ways, just as I have.

This is my attempt at taking a leaf out of her hat and Interweaving a silk scarf into a H&M necklace (which is coming to Singapore!!!) and wearing this chunk of bright burning blue love to A Curious Teepee‘s art exhibition.

The effect was a lot more haphazard then desired with the frills on the ends sticking out at weird places with little purpose. So since then, I’ve redone it in a neater manner, with more of the original necklace exposed (not shown) but sadly, very badly balanced. Didn’t have enough foresight to start looping from the middle so one end of the necklace is a lot heavier than the other! LOL!

Well, it’s only an opportunity to change things up further in future (;

More posts coming soon.

With love,

Doodling during class

One of the easiest tells of my textbooks, lecture handouts and study notes is the abundance of sketches, doodles and marker drawings that littered the borders, corners and any available white space there was.

The downer was that I’d always be so engrossed in the process of decorating, any intent on paying attention to the class at hand would tiptoe away. But then again, y’know how inspiration always seems to hit you at the most inappropriate times?

Well, case in sketch

Instead of being the studious student I should have been, in between frantic scribbling of notes and recording formulas, doodles emerged. My humble attempts at sketching my “camouflage” outfit of a felt Ripcurl cap, vintage sleeveless shirt, vintage wide-leg pant and llama flats. “Camouflage” because my ‘friends’ at school couldn’t recognize me in this getup. Strange eh?

Well, something short to share. Gonna practice drawing more later (:


This time last year, I was in my last semester of school, and I was busying myself with extra curricular activities.. like this random photoshoot with a few of my friends and Shen – a photographer and soon-to-be dentist.

My friends modelled some clothes that I picked out from my wardrobe, and also some which I DIY-ed (ie sewed or tacking to pieces of cloth together with ugly stitches), another friend did hair and make-up for me, and another friend had another set of clothes and stuff that she made herself to shoot.

So these are a few outtakes from that day last year. To view the final pictures, go here.

This is one of the pieces that was sewn very clumsily with a very old sewing machine by me. Grey heather jersey, orange mesh, and orange wool made into a raglan-sleeved mini dress. Lucky for you, you can’t see it up close. Heh.

I love my friends! Good to be reminiscing.

Art jam

One of the things that I miss most about my time in secondary school is the art studio. I love walking into the studio and smelling the paint and turpentine, or ground and acid when we did copper etching. So when Sarah found out about a freestyle painting session, we just had to go!

What happens is you buy three hours of studio time, a large canvas, free flow of acrylic paint, together with snacks and some juice, and then it sorta evolves into a social painting session. That very much depends on the crowd that you have. The first session I went for with Sarah was pretty rowdy and people were socializing. I think I’m secretly anti-social, and I preferred this time round much more. It was a much quieter session that I attended with Alan. So.. here is what we did!

He wanted to paint an explosion reminiscent of what Isaac Mendez in Heroes did. So cute hehe.

I wanted to paint party buntings in the sky… or something to that effect. I’m not sure if I like how it turned out though. It’s a little too sweet/baby for my liking. Maybe I’ll save it to hang above the cot of my first child hahahaha. Or else you can give me an offer and get it off my hands so I can fund my clothes.

It felt good painting though! It’s been a while. Hope your day’s going well!

Clockwork Orange

This was the finale of Parco’s next-Next fashion show. Each designer was given these violent orange construction jumpsuits and did whatever they wanted with them.

It was so interesting to see how all of them came up with different designs, and it was quite a sight seeing all the models march down the runway in the shade of plump pumpkin. Most did the usual, like doing away with the sleeves and length of the pants, but it was those who made use of the fabric they cut off or introduced new material that was most intriguing.

Apart from being very telling of a designer, it also makes for a great costume if you can stomach the orange.

You could save the idea for Halloween with a few others. Betcha look awesome, and be spotted from a mile away.

Research paper II: others

So on with my research paper (see previous here), more Margiela from Spring-Summer 2010 in the form of matching pants and booties, plus some super stunning headpieces from Chanel’s Spring 2009 Couture show.

Apparently, it is real paper that’s meant to wear out over time and can be dry cleaned, but I wouldn’t risk it, and neither would Sandra of 5 inch and up.

Seven thousand paper roses, daisies, leaves and other foliage went into the backdrop of Chanel’s couture show from a few seasons back, and then some into the overwhelming headdresses on all the models, thought up by Japanese hair and makeup artist Katsuya Kamo.

I wonder how all these came to materialize, how did they decide on what texture, what weight and what shade of the paper was best in terms of aesthetic and wearability.

Now the following most of us might have come across, but I just have to mention:

When I go shopping and get my loot in a paper bag, and you brush against it and create a crease, I might have to cause you some physical pain. That is why I’m so in love with the Loewe Papelle series, and its cheaper counterpart – the Takeaway bag from Spooner + Watts. Crease-free forever ftw.

Conversely, if there has to be a crease, it has to be creased all over. Just like the Proenza Schouler PS1 paper bag tote in all its crinkly leather and jagged-edged glory.

Possible fields for further research? It’s almost like they got it all covered!

Picture credits to here, here, here, here and here.