Locle Scallops

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Low Classic is a South Korean brand first introduced by Jo in 2012. (Read that first post here) and during my previous, and very brief, trip to Korea in 2013, fell in love with their aesthetic. There was a very blue-collar-esque jumpsuit, quite similar to the DKNY by Cara Delevingne Sweatshirt Jumpsuit that’s available on Luisaviaroma.com for S$390, which I loved but didn’t get then.


Anyway, here are a few shots I snuck of the Low Classic interior and exterior of the store in Gangnam.


Thankfully because it’s winter-season, the big coats and heavy materials were a rather impractical – not just because of the weather here in Singapore, but also for the bank account, and despite a lot of gushing about the collection, I chose against purchasing anything.

Low Classic

With the big long, oversized coats and sweaters. You might see me looking all cool and sleek at the start of an event, and a respectably-sized sweaty puddle as the event comes to a close. Err thanks, but no thanks.

On a side note, Ash and I were talking about how good quality winter coats are so expensive. I figure its because of the high quality insulating material, y’knw goose feathers, fleece etc. But its a much funnier story to think that you’d be much more willing to part with money if you were freezing your butt off.

A re-look at the Low Classic’s website lists their price range between approximately S$150 to S$500.

In any case, I’ve also discovered Low Classic’s diffusion line titled ‘Locle’. If Low Classic were the cool, edgy older sister. Locle, from what I visually gather, is the street-wear driven, relaxed and casual younger (but equally cool) sister.

Locle collection

To be honest, I’m a bit hurt/upset that there are no Singapore stockists for this diffusion brand. With prices ranging from about S$65 (for skirts) to S$250 (for trench coats), I think Locle has a huge potential market here. Their prices make them very comparable with the likes of Topshop and Zara (cheaper even?).

Perhaps their order requirements are big. Or the right distributor hasn’t approached them yet.

Locle 3

While browsing the store, these overall (above) caught my eye. And if you follow my instagram (@wearewottoncool), you’d have seen my outfit on Thursday, channelling my inner fish monger paired with Timberland booties and Yesah scallop cropped tee.

photo 4

Its probably the by-product of all the sea creatures I saw during my trip. First, it was the fish at COEX Aquarium, then at the fish market and then everything that I ate. (((:



Some of the goofier outtakes that Ash helped capture my with my newly cleared out iPhone. Memory space kinda maxed out halfway through my Korea-bound holiday.


photo 4

Can’t wait to experiment with different ways of pairing these overalls. But the scallop crop top will do for now. By the way, its available on Yesah for $79 (And, there’s FREE LOCAL REGISTERED SHIPPING!!).

Full Blooms


As Jo shared, it’s better late than never. I still owe photos from my New York trip and, more recently, photographs from South Africa. But first, party pictures! For the past year I’ve been wanting to have a massive bonfire party. If you’ve heard ear-piercing squeals/shrieks of ‘FIREWOOD!!!’, that would be yours truly. As the boyfriend can attest, this happened every time we passed by any chopped wood on the side of the road. 2012 came and rolled by without much fanfare. 2013 on the other hand… is a different story! 😀



On 16 March, my very obliging friends and family descended upon an amazing farm, yes, a farm, (in Chua Chu Kang) for a ‘Cowboys & Red Indians’ themed party. Everyone dressed up, even my parents, and we had a ball of a time barbequeing and enjoying a day in a space that felt like somewhere else. ie. not Singapore.



















Dress from FeistHeist, wreath from Floral Magic and feather headgear was a gift.



Big thank you to Carol, for hooking me up with the space.

To Lucas and Ash for being chefs.

To Praveena and Clare for getting the plates.

To Nessa, Cheryl, Sophia and Carol for the cutest cake everr!

To Jo, for the beautiful wreath and effort for your costume.

To everyone for dressing up, making time and for an amazing party!

xx Sarah


Better late than never

This time last year, I already had my summer planned. I had resigned from my job and enrolled myself in summer school. June 2012 was gonna be a-rockin’ and a-rollin’ in Uppsala, Copenhagen, Berlin, London, and Paris. I was so ready to get my hands off the dreadful keyboard and dirty again, in Central Saint Martin’s textile design course.

You know how I feel about prints here, and that was about when I decided that textile design was the way to go. I put pencil to paper for the first time in a very long time, drew, painted, learnt heat transfer printing, played with the giant heat press (only about the best thing ever), did some dip dyeing, visited museums, created some devore, 3D manipulation, and almost contantly felt OMG there’s so much to learn and to be in awe of! Three weeks of school in London just whizzed by, I wish I had more time to see, more time to do and even had more homework.

I want to feel like I’m ready to learn, absorb some awesomeness all over again, and if I have the time – a quick revision of the stuff that went down in class. Meantime, some pictures:














See that crackled scar on my face between my eye and cheekbone? Berlin, I blame you.











Inertia of Objects

photo 3

Inertia. A property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line.

Sarah here.

I’m battling myself, doing my best to reinvigorate the habit of blogging on a frequent basis. Blame it on Newton’s first law of motion, blame it on myself. Whichever way, I’m gonna change that.

I’m in the process of serving another internship, securing a full-time job and figuring out my purpose in life, wondering if fire-breathing dragons really exist and hoping Singapore (and maybe the rest of the world) will not implode on itself when more people realise that putting money in a banks actually earns you less (interest and satisfaction?) than if you took all that money and spent it all on yourself right now!

Ok, I’ll ramble on that another day.

So yes, this is me posting that we’re still alive. And that I will do my very best to be more present.

In the meantime, here are some photographs of Suprette‘s latte and We Are The Sun wooden frame sunglasses from Manicurious (above).

My dinosaur hair tie from Homeless (Hong Kong), Vice and Vanity necklace from feial, Longines watch with dark ochre NATO strap,  20:TwoThree panelled top, Mae Pang skirt and gold glitter shoes from Kuala Lumpur.

photo 1And finally, my sister’s Diana F+ (which I’m all thumbs with), We Are The Sun makes yet another appearance, mini Tic Tacs and a work-in-progress neon pouch bag from a street market in Hong Kong.

photo 2

Virtual Gifting Part 1 – Steady stream of Needsupply

Christmas is upon us! And other than feeling warm and fuzzy about what’s transpired in the past year, we can’t help but satisfy or… reward ourselves with some fancy purchases. Like how part of the fun is window shopping, we do a great deal of online browsing for our gifts, which do you think is more fun?

Please… welcome to wottoncool.com, our boyfriends who’ll be picking out some things that they think we’ll likely love, from our online store of choice, AND vice-versa!  No harsh judgement or loss here, it being a jolly bit of merriment and most parts imaginary!

And what he had in mind while prepping to trawl through Needsupply.com for 5 items that he thinks would fit me to a T:
“I think she’s missing more colours! Her wardrobe is a dark tunnel of grays, blacks, navys and even her more interesting prints are muted. I also think she could use some interesting pants. With a drop crotch or carrot fit and a kooky print perhaps. She’s got lots of tops and accessories, but most of her bottoms are not very exciting so pants it is!”

Ditto! Ditto! Ditto! Now on to what he picked out from the site which has obviously been trying to alter our buying behaviour by insinuating that everything there is a “need” and not “want”… (How how terrifyingly true is that?)

Pick #1:
“I think she could use a shirt like this because there’s some colour without being too loud.”
I’d wear it.

Pick #2:
These bottoms have such a trippy print in a neutral black and white. They look really comfy too!
Yes! But they may risk looking like pyjamas cos I’m no model.

Pick #3:
“Because it’s a sleeved dress and the colours are a refreshing change
I love this dress so much I actually pinned it here. Did you cheat?!

Pick #4:
Killer Andro vibes.
All kinds of yes.

Pick #5:
For the love of cats.
This is dangerous cos my sisters may steal this.

Alan, you’ll be glad to know that YOU PASSED! I’d gladly accept any of these virtual gifts, for real. Get the hint? 😀

Look out for my picks for him tomorrow, all from a neat Copenhagen-based store.

– Jo

Ask the Magic Mirror

Realized this has been sitting in my drafts for awhile. Even though NYFW was almost last season already, I’m still obsessed  with mirrored sunglasses. The trend hasn’t caught on big here yet. But my predictions are we’ll be seeing much more of this soon. Pictures by Tommy Ton.