Do you believe the Mayans and Nostradamus got it right? National Geographic recently launched a new series “Doomsday Preppers”, which chronicles and evaluates different families end-of-the-world preparations should a zombie attack/ nuclear meltdown/ end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it D-day arrive. And although it may not be so prevalent in everyone’s mind. This military vibe and camouflage print making its rounds on street style blogs a la The Satorialist and Tommy Ton (below).

Watching Doomsday Preppers makes me wonder what would happen to Singapore should doomsday strike. The only bomb shelters I know of are either child care centres or tuition centres. And definitely wouldn’t have sufficient space to house 6million people. At least I can say I’ve a gun before, making me slightly more proficient than the average Singaporean girl. Slightly.

In any case, till D-day occurs, I figure I’d better look sharp while I have the chance. Camo accent shirt from Zipia, worn with a Uniqlo paisley pocket square, Dzojchen jeans and YSL cuff and tasseled heels.

My experience with Zipia, a Korean-based online shopping site, was pretty good. Pooled together with some friends to reach the minimum order. Paypal’s exchange rate wasn’t so favourable but our goods came very quickly. The shoes I ordered were too small (Will blog about them to find them a new home) but my other purchases were true to size and measurements were accurate. In all honesty, I’m looking forward to the next Zipia spree. heh hehs. Blame this on Running Man, (never thought I’d say this but) I’ve been bitten by the K-bug.

Maybe doomsday is approaching…

Credits: Streetstyle images from and my photos taken by Ridhwan of ONESIXTYNOTEPAD

Shoot the Messenger

This would have been what I would’ve worn to the Christian Louboutin 20th Anniversary Capsule Collection Launch and Extreme Beauty Exhibition Closing Show had I been able to attend. Today’s workload was immensely overwhelming and every inkling of intention to leave promptly at 6pm to squeeze in these two events tonight obliterated before my eyes. But that’s not to say I didn’t wear this outfit, I did. Even heard a girl whisper to her partner as I pass them, “that girl is dressed like a man”.

Woohoo! Achievement unlocked!!! 😀

Ok, I kid.


Shirt and wool pants from +J Uniqlo, vest from Baylene, necklace from M)phosis, cuffs from Marilyn Tan and Curated Editions, bag from Cambridge Satchel Company and shoes from Dr Martens.

I hardly wear this necklace, bought it for a shoot I did awhile back and always found it to be excessively heavy. It literally makes my neck ache that at Rachel Yamagata’s concert I removed it even before the concert commenced because my neck was causing me so much discomfort. Princess much, eh?

In any case, I have something fun that I can hopefully share tomorrow. Sneaks on our twitter account @wearewottoncool.


Art Attack, the Wottoncool Way

OMGWTFBBQ We’re four! And to celebrate the fearsome fours, we had a smashing good time coloring up our Saturday morning. Thank you to everyone who helped out or came down. And also to all the people who sent their wishes. THANK YOU! Jo and I are very thankful for all your support these four years. We hope to entertain and excite you more in the years to come. And hope that you’ll join us if or when we hold our next Wottoncool Art Attack session.

After the pains of packing till 4am the night before and the morning showers, thus causing the location change to Marina Barrage. I was quite engrossed in my attempt to replicate Louis Vuitton’s Spring campaign image. My subject’s face came our a little weird and I still haven’t quite figured out what went wrong. But now that my paints and brushes are all consolidated in a box and there’s a little extra canvas paper from our art attack. Foresee some painting on the weekends to come (:

Anyway to view more photos from Wottoncool’s Art Attack, you can check them out on our Facebook page! Happy viewing!

And once again, thank you to everyone for your love and support over the years. LOVE YOU BACK!

– Jo & Sarah

Laneway Music Festival 2012

Almost forgot that I had these in the draft folder… Pictures of Jo and I at St. Jerome’s Laneway Music Festival 2012. It was an excruciatingly scorching gimme-a-beer-now(!!) day, with a moment (or two) of temperamental weather. But all in all, I had a really awesome time with good music and great company.

It was also really fun time people-watching. Spotting hippies and indie kids and the occasional odd-ball. I guess they were watching us too (like the guy on the extreme left of the photo >>> his facial expression is hilarious!)

And call me crazy but I wore my Dr. Martens wedges to Laneway. Because people kept telling me last year Fort Canning became a mud pit when the skies opened up and unleashed some torrential fury onto festival goers. Plus I did benefit from the additional height. Not that I desperately need to be taller, but additional height is always welcome (: And lastly, I recently got a pair of pony-hair Dr Martens, which are the most darling thing ever. And I didn’t want them to get dirty at a music festival. (Who knows with the risk of a mud pit and all…)

Jo and I also sported our new Cambridge Satchels from Doorstep Luxury  (in their latest Limited Edition colours – Burgundy and Cobalt) which was a very convenient size for our needs that day. Allowed us to be hands-free to knock back a beer or three (it was hot, yo.) and enjoy ourselves.

In any case, here’s a short video of our day at Laneway >>> Enjoy!


Embracing | Disgracing: Traditions

This Chinese New Year, I thought I’d try something different and wear red.

And although for most, it is the automatic go-to, no-brainer color choice of the season, until this year, I’ve done my very best to steer clear of this crimson hue. In fact, along the spectrum of favorite colours, I would rank red only second to last above a swampy-greenbrown colour. Yes, every other colour is better than red in my books.

Going against the grain of tradition, instead of purchasing a new red dress, I had an old shift dress belonging to my mom altered to fit me this Lunar New Year. In part because I’m saving money to go to New York City AND my resolution this year is to thrift and alter instead of purchasing new clothes, this ‘new’ old dress was what I wore for the first day of visiting. Thank goodness the seamstress did a good job with the alterations, taking the sides in.

The red shift dress was worn with a Uniqlo Blazer, By Invite Only Quartz Necklace and Longchamp pouch. Not shown are my Up wedges. And if you are curious, I’m wearing Uslu Airlines nail polish available at

Onto other traditions, I am sad and ashamed to admit that I come from a family of shark killers. On reunion dinner evening, I had a very irrational argument with my uncle about our differing values and it got me thinking. That argument left me very distraught the rest of the night but I kept thinking about the purpose and role that traditions have to play in our society.

Yes, I believe some traditions are important to upkeep. First for a continued sense of identity fostering (if such a term exists). Making tang yuan and rice dumplings and eating mooncakes and lighting paper lanterns, which bore me to death after two minutes of holding it are fun fables, stories to tell kids but most importantly, a time for family to get together. And family is a very important Chinese value.

There are many things that stand the test of time. The Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City are some examples of Chinese engineering but modern China also isn’t afraid to turn on its traditions for further economic growth as the Three Gorges Dam and artist Ai Weiwei shows.

And when it comes to traditions of consuming weird animal parts – fins, horns, bones, testicles, bile, uteruses, heart, intestines, especially those of non-farmed animals. I question whether “tradition” is just a poor facade for status quo. I reckon, from a historical perspective, when China was less densely populated and the threat of being attacked by these said animals was eminent, killing and consuming king of the jungle, beast of the sea were symbols of status and display of resources. ‘Look at me! I had the manpower/strength/agility/money to acquire the skills necessary to kill this beast *insert caveman grunt here*’ But when it tips the scale into mainstream, loses its relevance as economic growth pummels us forward, intense farming/fishing and genetic modification and hydrogenated foods help to feed the world’s population (at least those 50% of us who can actually afford food) and earth’s natural circle of life can’t replenish sharks, tigers, deers, rhinoceros as quickly as we consume them, then I think we have a problem.

Forget my angst-ridden rant. I am strong against further consumption of shark’s fin and I look forward to the day when chinese restaurants remove it from their menus, the recipes are lost and becomes but a forgotten past, like the Hanging Coffins of Bo, I hope.

Stop eating shark’s fin please. Eat your hair and fingernails instead, they are made of the same thing.


Closet Clearout – All these have to go!

Sarah is clearing out her closet. My closet has simply run out of space and more importantly, the proceeds from this sale will go directly towards my ‘Send Sarah to New York’ fund. All the items are pre-loved. Some are thrifted, some are branded. If there are any issues with the piece, I’ll declare it outright. If you aren’t fully happy with it, send it back, no questions asked. But please remember, it’s going to a very good cause 😀

Terms & Conditions

Unless stated otherwise, item fits a UK8 (top). UK10 (bottom).

If you are interested in any item, send an email to with ‘Item Description’ as the title. Include your name, contact number and any questions you may have about the product. A confirmation email containing the bank account details and total amount to be transferred will be sent. Only after payment has been made (via bank transfer) will I mail out the item. Prices include mailing cost (within Singapore). If you would like the item to be sent by registered mail, please add another S$2.50.

Multiple purchases will get a further discount.

No reservations allowed.

Vintage Yellow Pleated Dress – $48

Fabric has sparse embossed leaf print.

Vintage Blue Dress – $48

Small thread pulls on fabric

Vintage Checkered Shift Dress – $28

Recommended for a UK6/8

Lining is starting to get a bit old.

Vintage Multi-print Dress – $18

Some bleeding of red onto fabric. Bought the dress like that (at a higher price somemore!!)

 Low-back Jumper with Zip detailing – $18

*SOLD* Hansel Black Lace Halter Top – $48 *SOLD*

Brown Pleated Shorts with Rivets – $28

Printed Blue Cropped Jacket – $78

Printed Dress with Red Piping – $18

Recommended for a UK6

Babydoll Flare Patchwork Dress – $28

Black Knit Dress with Drawstring Pockets – $28

Black White Contrast Dress with Tulip Hemline – $28

Recommended for UK6

Armani Exchange White Dress – $48

Fabric is slightly translucent. But nothing that nude underwear can’t fix.

*SOLD* Bossini Style Stone Grey Origami-fold Jacket – $38 *SOLD*

Minor stains on front folds

Max Tan Two-tone Shirt Dress – $48

Dress is a slate grey. Comes out poorly in the photograph. Sorry!

Espirit Green Butterfly Flare Skirt – $18

Recommended for a UK6/8 (bottoms)

M)phosis Contrast Strip Mini Skirt – $18

Forever21 Stretch Mesh Top – $18

Zambesi Bloomers with pockets – $78

Fabric is delicate and has some pulls. Will update with more pictures.

Topshop Rust Sleeveless Top – $12

Hidden Agenda (Thailand) Asymmetrical Shirt Dress – $68

Recommended for a UK 6, or worn half-buttoned for UK 8

 Nicholas Draped Cropped Cardigan – $48


Abyzz by Desmond Yang Two-way Poplin Top – $58

Top can be worn front to back or back to front (as shown). Best styled with a belt (not shown).

Abyzz by Desmond Yang Black Top Exaggerated Sleeve – $58

Sleeves fall differently when worn long or pulled up