Gummi Pinktober





Gummi Nails are a godsend. In a rush to look presentable for a fancy dinner & dance event, put them on while en route in a cab and accomplished this feat in under 20 minutes! #truestory.

In addition to that, they’ve got a beautiful brand story and offer a safer alternative to increased UV-exposing GEL nail manicures. I understand fans of GEL love how lasting they are. But I can’t deal, sorry.

On the multiple occasions using Gummi Nail wraps, I’ve had them last about a week to a week and a half on average, before things start going pear-shaped or peeling. I’ve also gone swimming with them and they looked just as good before the swim.


This October, Gummi Nails has been donating $2.00 to the Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation for every purchase of their selected ‘pink’ wraps. Get the Candy Beach or Royal Flush (shown above) or check out Sprinkles, Pretty in Pink Aztec or (my current favourite) If You Like Pina Coladas.

Lemony Snicket’s Animal Illustrations


Valentino’s Fall 2014 Alice in Wonderland/Queen of Hearts print has gotten a lot more limelight and editorial coverage. But I’ve just discovered their other, more beautiful, print which features a mishmash of various animals on pure silk. The print almost looks embroidered and perhaps because of the inclusions of ferns, flying fish, flamingoes and what look like fire-breathing dinosaurs, reminds me of a cross between the whimsical world of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events and the more classical natural history illustrations.

The collection is available on

I’m eyeing the pant in this print. But at S$1,650, I think I’ll stick to ogling from afar for now.


Rad Red Wine

stellamccartneyaw13campaign 2

Scarlet, rouge, wine, burgundy, crimson, coral, fuchsia, peach, plum and all the other hues, shades and tones that fall on the red spectrum and I have never really gotten along. I’ve read in a hauntingly accurate horoscope personality profile that I steer clear of the colour because it intrinsically makes me angrier. Whereas hues of blue make me feel more calm. I opt for the calmer latter, of course.

That said, I can’t deny the draw of the warmest primary colour.

Many successful brands have built strong associations with red and it’s sister shades – Valentino, Christian Louboutin (a post on their recent Singapore event is coming up!), even Suecomma Bonnie.

After a strikingly blue Resort 2013 collection, Stella McCartney’s Fall 2013 collection took a decidedly warmer tone. I almost feel like Stella McCartney and her team poured out their makeup pouches and swatted all their makeup to create the mood board for this collection.

_MG_0107_590 editorial

(Clockwise from the left) Lisette two-tone silk dress S$780, Color-block cashmere sweater $560D-frame acetate sunglasses S$170. All from Stella McCartney. Available on The Outnet

Image credits: Surface Asia, unknown,, The Outnet

Democratic Accessories


Was browsing through the Kenzo collection on Opening Ceremony and their accessories range from the Spring/Summer 2014 collection entitled ‘No Fish No Nothing’ re-caught my eye.

Recently, I came across a pocket-sized seafood guide written by WWF Singapore inviting consumers to question their sources of seafood and a menu, of sorts, detailing which sources of seafood are and aren’t ethically farmed or fished. This Kenzo collection made me think of the guide, primarily because the Kenzo designers commented in interviews that this collection was ‘designed to fund the Blue Marine Foundation’s actions to save the oceans and its marine life’.

Kenzo No FishDon’t wear caps often, in fear of dreaded ‘cap hair’. But I think it’s time to get over it. Embrace flat hair.

Season on season, I’m also constantly amazed at the sweet spot Kenzo has hit in terms of pattern designs. I guess this is the ‘democratic playfulness’ or edgy mass appeal that creative directors Humberto Leon and Carol Lim strive for since taking the helm of the brand in 2011.

Something about almost everything they touch/create oozes desirability – the iPhone case, caps, Evian + Kenzo bottle and this really unique tie-dye three-point watch.

pop_108893_1bLove, love, love!

Image credits:,, Kenzo and Opening Ceremony

Locle Scallops

Locle 2_MG_9459_


Low Classic is a South Korean brand first introduced by Jo in 2012. (Read that first post here) and during my previous, and very brief, trip to Korea in 2013, fell in love with their aesthetic. There was a very blue-collar-esque jumpsuit, quite similar to the DKNY by Cara Delevingne Sweatshirt Jumpsuit that’s available on for S$390, which I loved but didn’t get then.


Anyway, here are a few shots I snuck of the Low Classic interior and exterior of the store in Gangnam.


Thankfully because it’s winter-season, the big coats and heavy materials were a rather impractical – not just because of the weather here in Singapore, but also for the bank account, and despite a lot of gushing about the collection, I chose against purchasing anything.

Low Classic

With the big long, oversized coats and sweaters. You might see me looking all cool and sleek at the start of an event, and a respectably-sized sweaty puddle as the event comes to a close. Err thanks, but no thanks.

On a side note, Ash and I were talking about how good quality winter coats are so expensive. I figure its because of the high quality insulating material, y’knw goose feathers, fleece etc. But its a much funnier story to think that you’d be much more willing to part with money if you were freezing your butt off.

A re-look at the Low Classic’s website lists their price range between approximately S$150 to S$500.

In any case, I’ve also discovered Low Classic’s diffusion line titled ‘Locle’. If Low Classic were the cool, edgy older sister. Locle, from what I visually gather, is the street-wear driven, relaxed and casual younger (but equally cool) sister.

Locle collection

To be honest, I’m a bit hurt/upset that there are no Singapore stockists for this diffusion brand. With prices ranging from about S$65 (for skirts) to S$250 (for trench coats), I think Locle has a huge potential market here. Their prices make them very comparable with the likes of Topshop and Zara (cheaper even?).

Perhaps their order requirements are big. Or the right distributor hasn’t approached them yet.

Locle 3

While browsing the store, these overall (above) caught my eye. And if you follow my instagram (@wearewottoncool), you’d have seen my outfit on Thursday, channelling my inner fish monger paired with Timberland booties and Yesah scallop cropped tee.

photo 4

Its probably the by-product of all the sea creatures I saw during my trip. First, it was the fish at COEX Aquarium, then at the fish market and then everything that I ate. (((:



Some of the goofier outtakes that Ash helped capture my with my newly cleared out iPhone. Memory space kinda maxed out halfway through my Korea-bound holiday.


photo 4

Can’t wait to experiment with different ways of pairing these overalls. But the scallop crop top will do for now. By the way, its available on Yesah for $79 (And, there’s FREE LOCAL REGISTERED SHIPPING!!).

Storytelling, Story Told


Fall 2014 for Alice and Olivia takes a romantic, Victorian and free-spirited decadence. Red, my “favourite” colour featured very extensively in the campaign video and the decor, but thankfully not so much so in the collection itself.

Firstly, a bit more about Alice and Olivia. Launched in 2002, the brand is the brainchild of Stacey Bendet who initially started off on a quest to find the perfect pair of pants. Since 2002, Alice and Olivia has grown to include a full lifestyle collection featuring apparel, accessories, shoes and most recently, handbags.



Alice and Olivia’s Fall 2014 collection drew heavy inspiration from the whimsy and stories of fairytales.

Brocades mixed with lace may sound heavy but were far from heavy-handed in the design. A fun-looking girl’s night out jumpsuit with a little peekaboo waist cut-aways and a racer-back brocade mini dress in a ‘get-you-noticed’ bright emerald green. _MG_1519 _MG_1520


One of the pieces which had my eyebrows furrowed was this raccoon fur collared slouchy woven coat. The equatorial instinct in me kicked in and couldn’t quite get past the raccoon collar. Thankfully, the design team thought about options, and with the collar removed, I thought it looked much much better.

_MG_1527 _MG_1528
The editorial pieces from the collection were stunning with extensive beading workmanship carried throughout the pieces. With a look almost of feminine armour, I’d imagine Joan of Arc or Mulan might call on Alice and Olivia for an upcoming soirée. All that’s missing is a sword belt.  
_MG_1539 _MG_1540 _MG_1542 _MG_1544

Brocade always conjures up musty memories of older relatives’ homes and tacky upholstery or curtains. Or were they carpets? I don’t quite recall so clearly. Maybe it was the annual resurfacing of Chinese New Year decorations and pillows featuring intensive brocades that kinda scarred me as a child.

That said, I recall Zambesi did a collection with brocade once (this was maybe 2006/2007?), also I recall Sea of Shoes wearing a pair of outrageously unapologetic vintage brocade 7/8 pants which had me slightly swayed on my opinion of the fabric. By the time the Marni x H&M collection came around, the inclusion of brocade into the fabric pool didn’t have me up in arms.

Alice and Olivia’s emerald green brocade mini dress is a cute piece I would consider adding to my wardrobe. Although I do think I’m much more of a separates kinda person. But I do like the dropped racer-back details of the back of the dress.

Paired with an apple clutch. The world is complete. (:

Recently, I’ve been having conversations with several friends about needing an ‘epic skirt’.

By my definition, an ‘epic skirt’ is one to wear for ANY OCCASION. One that immediately dresses up any moment. One that gets you noticed. One to pair with any top. One to wear for a night out dancing, one for a evening concert or play. One for a fancy dinner. One for fun. One with no fusses.

And much like the scene in Mary Poppins where the children’s wishes are burnt in the fireplace, I think Alice and Olivia somehow heard my silent prayers!

_MG_1567The butterfly motif conjures up a mixture of Alexander McQueen and stained glass, which I find beautiful, but personal style-wise, a bit of a challenge to wear. Also, if I were to be picky, the mullet skirt bugs me. Hehs, butterflies, bugs. Get it?! (:

But for practical reasons, I get why the mullet works better. During the preview, one of the guests tried this skirt on. Because of the height differential, between her and myself, the shorter front worked a lot better for her.

_MG_1568 _MG_1575 _MG_1576


With its mix of black, nude and cream, as I was leaving the store, one of the racks caught my eye.


Part of a ballet-inspired outgoing season, I thought this mix of patterns, fabrics and colours looked so expensive and lust-able.


Some key pieces that I was extremely tempted to leave with, were this two-tone maxi dress. I’ve always tried to steer clear of sheer trend. But this piece is an exception.



Another was a leather (I believe, lambskin) minidress. So delicate but edgy at the same time. LOVE LOVE LOVE.