Joan of all trades

With the looming thought of my trip to New York. Versatility has been a key word in the whittling-down process of selecting kew wardrobe essentials to travel with. Think it helps, with a name like Joan, which coincidentally is my mom’s name (and HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY too!! My mom is, possibly, the most practical, common-sensical person I know) and this multi-way carry Freitag bag, looks like a dream to travel with.

It folds up into this smaller shoulder bag or opens up to a larger tote by releasing the fasteners (is that what it’s called)? Most adorable though, is that it  can be attached to your bicycle to be completely on the go.

Although I’m not sure how pretty it’d really be with a stuffed, bulbous growth adhered to the front of a sleek speedy bicycle.

Joan retails for $250 at Actually.


Don’t you think prints make all the difference in a collection of clothes? It makes a simple shape more than what it is and that you created a print no one else has, is really your own footprint.

We’ve enjoyed Miu Miu’s over exposed dove, pussy and naked ladies print, now Prada with their vintage cars ablaze, Versace with the repeated palms from the H&M collaboration, Givenchy’s decorative and stylized bird of paradise, Stella McCartney’s fruit salad, House of Holland’s unapologetically oversized leopard in the most stomach-churning colours, Christopher Kane’s gorillas then galaxy-scapes, Mary Katrantzou’s digital prints (that toe the line dream and reality with her surreal vector interior-landscapes – I’ll dedicate a whole other post to that)…  There are so many more, but that I rattle them off here and you recognize them, shows how definitive prints are of a collection. Also, floral, liberty, paisley, checks, stripes, polka dots, animal, chevron, colour-blocks, tie-dye, thanks for all your input. You may exit the stage (temporarily).

Sometimes I don’t care much about what the print is used on, I actually wish and will be a happy camper with a yard of that fabric, framed and hung in my imaginary home of my own.

I’m particularly enamoured by photo prints. Seems like the easy way to give your collection an immediate ID, but for all you know photography is inspiring fashion designers the same way they shaped the content and composition of Impressionists and how candid their creations came to be. Prints are so manipulated, so concise and precisely placed to make sure they repeat the same way. Using a photo as-is is so appealing to me.

How the designers came up with the concept, shot the photo, edited or not (I hope they didn’t buy stock photos………) ((another chance for epic collaborationxz)), cropped or open, alongside the other five million decisions they have to make to raise every season, I don’t know, but I hope I’ll get a chance to look into that!

For now, some awesome photo prints for your perusal. Imagine the clothes without print and tell me prints don’t make them so much more desirable.

Carven Spring 2012 – Smoking volcano print. Smokin’:

Dries Van Noten Spring 2012 – looks like a mix of flora and fauna of archival print, plus present-day night lights:

MSGM Fall 2012 Fireworks (or is it sparklers?) – may have been digitally created but damn, looks so fine. Quite like a galaxy/milky way print, but closer to home.

Marios Spring 2012 – Prints of daily life and nowhere in particular. You can view their stunning video here, and they are now available in Singapore thanks to the lovely ladies at nana & bird! Hopefully I can go get myself a piece this weekend:

Sara Phillips – Actual aerial views of Australian terrain by photographer Richard Woldendrop, apparently unedited – WOW. These worn by Jessica of Tuula Vintage:

By the way, this remake of the Stella McCartney summer fruit print is too awesome:

Pictures from here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.


Current reads & listens

Currently reading Do Good Design: How Designers Can Change the World.

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And I’m listening to

New York, I love you, but you’re bringing me down sung by Kermit the Frog. And Loathing from Wicked, The Musical. (:



Armour Attire

Sarah Burton has undoubtedly grown and earned her wings since taking the creative helms of Alexander McQueen since mid 2010. The brand continues to intrigue with a balance of such armour-like attire and delicate yet deftly craftsmanship, I’m always left equal amounts intrigued and lusting after different components of the collection. These buckle-up boots, for example, are going on my (ever growing) ‘Desirables’ list!

Alexander McQueen’s latest Pre-Fall 2012 collection can be view via

Might I add, ‘Halleujah!‘ to Because without them, my curiousity and hunger for more Alexander McQueen eye candy wouldn’t have been satisfied. Maybe its the after-effects of Chinese New Year, the final piece from the Resort 2011 collection left me breathless. With it’s intense colours, unique printed fabric and kimono obi belting details at the back… pure love!! <3



But perhaps something more wearable on a day-to-day basis is this Honeycomb-knit & twill jumpsuit. Initially I thought it was two separate pieces, a sleeveless top and high-waisted pants (loving the detailing on the pants, by the way!) But after trawling though The Outnet, found this beauty on a 50% discount! KA-CHING!!! Now if only I had £858.23 to spare… hahas


Even MORE desirable, but not any cheaper of Alexander McQueen clutches.

Without trying too hard or over-dressing, an Alexander McQueen clutch immediately adds oomph! to any outfit. For a dinner date with a special someone, or a night out on the town with the girls, or even a sit-down dinner/social night/company function.


Knuckle-dusters make for a much for interesting and memorable conversation starter as compared with ‘How do you do?’. No?


Ring Ring Ring Prada Phone

The LG x Prada collaboration just unveiled the latest 3.0 Android phone. And although I’ve always been a little hesitant about Androids, there’s an elusive seduction to this particular model.

Prada has always been very heavy on the whole black-on-black-on-black thing. And this LG x Prada 3.0 is no exception. But I love the chromed border accents which makes the whole phone pop! (I think ‘pop’ is one of my new favorite descriptive words, for now) There’s nothing more sexy then the sleek, smooth silver catching a glint of light while you are texting, talking or trolling the web. At 8.5mm thin, it would fit almost seamlessly into my back pocket if not for the boxy corners. But then again, all is forgiven because it even comes with it’s own set of Prada-branded accessories – a docking station, case and bluetooth set.

And just like that, the ‘feel-good’ factor gets upped several notches by these five letters emblazoned onto the accessories. (:

Marketing. Gotta hate it and love it.


Sunday Reading

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Mad love for Style Slicker‘s J. JS Lee‘s LFW 2012 showing. (And not so subtle proud beaming that the Resort 2012 Runway shots were taken at Blueprint!)

Don’t forget Perth Fashion Festival is also happening. Pictures for PFF2011.