Frozen People

We haven’t shared nearly enough of OMGWTFBBQ moments. But this deftly witty series of classical sculptures dressed “as hipsters”, is right up the alley! Produced by photographer, Léo Caillard, and photo editor, Alexis Persani, they’ve “clothed” sculptures and make me pause for a moment longer and look at them as people and imagine who they’d be and what they’d be doing if they weren’t frozen in stone.


Had a little too much to eat?


Woah! What do you mean there’s no more coffee?!


(feel like I’m stealing on an intimate moment here)


Yeah, I’m too cool for school…



Where shall we go for brunch?



Hang on, my top knot isn’t done yet.

This series couldn’t be more perfect. View the full series here, on Today I learnt Something New.


Full Blooms


As Jo shared, it’s better late than never. I still owe photos from my New York trip and, more recently, photographs from South Africa. But first, party pictures! For the past year I’ve been wanting to have a massive bonfire party. If you’ve heard ear-piercing squeals/shrieks of ‘FIREWOOD!!!’, that would be yours truly. As the boyfriend can attest, this happened every time we passed by any chopped wood on the side of the road. 2012 came and rolled by without much fanfare. 2013 on the other hand… is a different story! 😀



On 16 March, my very obliging friends and family descended upon an amazing farm, yes, a farm, (in Chua Chu Kang) for a ‘Cowboys & Red Indians’ themed party. Everyone dressed up, even my parents, and we had a ball of a time barbequeing and enjoying a day in a space that felt like somewhere else. ie. not Singapore.



















Dress from FeistHeist, wreath from Floral Magic and feather headgear was a gift.



Big thank you to Carol, for hooking me up with the space.

To Lucas and Ash for being chefs.

To Praveena and Clare for getting the plates.

To Nessa, Cheryl, Sophia and Carol for the cutest cake everr!

To Jo, for the beautiful wreath and effort for your costume.

To everyone for dressing up, making time and for an amazing party!

xx Sarah


Mid-month motivation – SALES!

Out with the old and in with the new! That’s actually the store manager’s mantra, and how we rationalize our shopping, though we never actually through any old stuff out. We’re not about to make it any easier… by rounding up the four noteworthy sales, plus putting them on our specially created Google Maps so you know how you’d like to be drawn and quartered this weekend:

Promises crazy never-before-seen prices in their annual “Raid our closet” sale! At 79 Chay Yan Street, from 20 – 21 October, 12pm – 7pm.

Golden, Gilted, Glittered.

In between the Marni collaboration released earlier in March, which saw the boys of Onesixtynotepad first in line and the much anticipated Maison Martin Margiela collaboration (scheduled launch on November 15, 2012), Swedish fast fashion giant, H&M is squeezing in an accessories collaboration with Anna Dello Russo.

Unabashedly flamboyant, over-the-top and a walking embodiment of ‘More is More’, Anna Dello Russo (ADR) is the editor-at-large of Vogue Japan. She’s also no stranger to street style photographers and adds a notch, ‘Designer’ to her diamonté encrusted gold chain belt (which is available in this H&M collaboration by the way!)

Displayed altogether in the H&M Showroom during the press presentation, ADR at H&M as the collection is referred to, is a lot of turquoise and gold to take in all at once. However, when you filter it down to individual pieces, each does have its merits and interesting details that continue to surprise as you give them a careful look!

While Onesixtynotepad, Like I Give A Frock, Do/DIY, Qin at the Disco and Rock The Trend were having fun at the showroom, I squeezed into this pair of thigh-high boots you see Anna wearing in this video. Didn’t snap any pictures of them though. Sorry!


I immediately gravitated to the sunglasses from this series. Perhaps its my affinity for reptiles, then again, maybe not. The ornate baroque-deco snake and crocodile glasses are outrageously fun and will retail for $79.90.

Anna Dello Russo at H&M will launch on October 4, 2012. Are you gonna queue?


Muffler bag

What’s your threshold for weird bags? Developed an irrational desire for this impractical leather carrier, by Thai brand WWA, found here:

It’s on 40% discount, going at USD195, and I’ve already been eyeing in for a few months. Why do I feel like either way it’s gonna be painful?

Art Attack, the Wottoncool Way

OMGWTFBBQ We’re four! And to celebrate the fearsome fours, we had a smashing good time coloring up our Saturday morning. Thank you to everyone who helped out or came down. And also to all the people who sent their wishes. THANK YOU! Jo and I are very thankful for all your support these four years. We hope to entertain and excite you more in the years to come. And hope that you’ll join us if or when we hold our next Wottoncool Art Attack session.

After the pains of packing till 4am the night before and the morning showers, thus causing the location change to Marina Barrage. I was quite engrossed in my attempt to replicate Louis Vuitton’s Spring campaign image. My subject’s face came our a little weird and I still haven’t quite figured out what went wrong. But now that my paints and brushes are all consolidated in a box and there’s a little extra canvas paper from our art attack. Foresee some painting on the weekends to come (:

Anyway to view more photos from Wottoncool’s Art Attack, you can check them out on our Facebook page! Happy viewing!

And once again, thank you to everyone for your love and support over the years. LOVE YOU BACK!

– Jo & Sarah