So 2013

Dressing like the Kaiser for halloween may have been so 2011. But fast forward to 2013, Sofitel Luxury Hotels have just announced that Karl Lagerfeld has been commissioned to design the emblem of the new Sofitel So Singapore.

Wottoncool Halloween 2011

Slated to open later this year, guests will be able to sample, experience and maybe take home a range of exclusive objects which this fashion designer, photographer, publisher, illustrator and film director has touched.


No details on what the emblem will look like just yet. But keep your eyeballs peeled and fixated at 35 Robinson Road. Sofitel’s got a lil something something  planned…

As for the rest of the hotel design framework, credit goes to Singapore-based, French design house Miaja Design Group whom I’m pretty sure are safe hands for this rare gem. The 1927 ne0-classical building served as a telecommunications and postal destination for 65 years. And with a new five-storey wing, will re-open as a five-star luxury hotel for guests seeking a sliver of Singapore’s stew of cultures.

So here’s something to look forward to in 2013!

I drew a line

2013_01_02_Meng Huang - walkfaststrongcoolandurban

Maybe I can’t stop thinking about that Carven sweater, or there’s something about her smile and gorgeous features. Photographed outside the Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 show, 23-year-old China-born model, Meng Huang, almost compels(!) me to chop my hair off a la when we first started blogging… but I have another plan for my hair already (more on this later!)

2013_01_02_Meng Huang walkfaststrongcoolandurban.tumblr

For now, I’ll just keep oogling at this Numeró, Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire alumni and ponder to myself,

‘Where on earth can I find a lemon yellow sweater too?!’

Image source: here and here

Wottoncool Interviews: Irene Ang and Henry Golding

On 31 October, I sat down with Irene Ang and Henry Golding one-on-one to ask them about their Halloween plans, what’s lined up in their busy schedules and why Henry Golding would pick Batman over Iron Man, any day.

Irene and Henry have been roped in to co-host Singapore’s leg of ‘Driving Change with Caltex‘. A unique programme/social media experiment, as Henry describes, a first-of-its-kind regional reality community project that has been travelling through Asia doing their bit for local charities, raising awareness and funds.

Think of it as an amazing race + scavenger hunt + awareness campaign + paying it forward + fund raiser, all with a social media twist.

 Sounds deceptively simple? Yes. But they’ve only got three days! AND Henry isn’t told what his mission is till the first day of filming (this morning)!

Henry has been to Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Indonesia as part of the challenge already and Singapore marks the final leg of this five-week challenge.

The team arrived in the Philippines right after a typhoon and Henry witnessed first-hand children playing barefoot in tar-black, ankle-deep excrement+rubbish+stagnant water+broken glass+nails mulch. Although these images still haunt Henry, he’s determined to get as many people involved in Singapore from 2 to 4 November.

I caught a sliver of Irene’s competitive streak during our interview. She’s already set her sights on a personal target of raising S$150,000. The benchmark has been set pretty high, during the Malaysian leg, Henry Golding and co-host Andrea Fonseka raised a whopping RM$309,000!!

I’m not so secretly hoping that we all do ourselves proud and shatter the current record and out-raise everyone else.

Hello Singapore! Highest concentration of millionaires per capita in the world!! (I hope this statistic works in our favour)

Social Media

As you can probably tell, this content kinda strays from our typically fashion/art-centric content. But the marketing graduate in me is intrigued by this concept of utilizing social media for crowd-sourcing, coming together for a bigger cause and the notion of paying it forward, about how every little contribution can count in a really tangible way.

As Henry, very eloquently puts, “I think social media is an absolute amazing and un-measurable avenue for getting people together for change. There’s some good to be had with sharing things with people and so it’s just got so much potential to be tapped into. And its not only for marketing and not only for promoting something. But also to rally together people who want to help but don’t know how.” Follow Henry Golding on Twitter and Instagram (@henrygolding) to track his progress and attempt to beat the current record.

On that note, Irene already has some plans to pimp Henry out. (those were her words exact You can follow her on Twitter or Instagram (@flyirene) to find out what she’s up to. She also shared extensively about her journey through social media, from not know what ‘trending’ meant to Twitter becoming a useful crowd-sourcing tool. On Instagram, Irene’s favourite filter is X Pro II and as we’ve found out, you can tell her mood by her instagram content. Sunsets = good mood. Cars/Taxis (which cut into her lane) = bad mood. Henry, on the other hand (@henrygolding), prefers Hudson.


Irene’s Halloween plans were pretty low key this year with interviews in the morning and investor meetings in the evening, she celebrated this ghoulish holiday the week before together with a good friend’s birthday. October 31, Halloween, also happens to be her brother’s birthday, which she celebrated over the weekend.

And before our interview, Henry and I were comparing Nato watch straps and sharing online shopping site, Zipia. And in the spirit of halloween asked the following:

WC: “Vampires or Werewolves?”

HG: Vampires.

WC: “Ironman, Batman or Spiderman?”

HG: I’m a massive Batman fan. I think the fact that he doesn’t have any superpowers is what makes every guy think he can be batman, if he has a billion dollars!

WC:”Biker Mice, Captain Planet or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?”

HG:Definitely the classic TMNT!

WC:”And if you were a superhero, what superpowers would you want to have?”

HG: I always wanted the power of time travel , but there’s always catches, like the butterfly effect. I wouldn’t mind a little bit of healing factor as well.

Driving Change happens this weekend across Singapore. Connect with them at their facebook page  and help spread the word with this video of Henry Golding.

Baroque Bold

Thailand-born Central Saint Martins graduate, Moo Piyasombaktul’s name may be a mouthful to remember. But this is one name to watch by what we reckon. Already citing Lady Gaga and Susie Bubble as fans, a pair of Moo Piyasombaktul glasses are distinctively ornate. Ceramic cast moulds are added to vntage and deadstock eyeglasses to produce the most delicate and desirable pair of eyeglasses in town.

Stocked on several online stores including Opening Ceremony, Browns and Sunglass Curator, Moo Piyasombaktul sunglasses are definitely a statement indulgence, retail price ranging between $525 to $660, depending on where you look.

Visit Moo Piyasombaktul on Facebook or Twitter (@MOOeyewear)!

Image Source: Sosolo Fashion, Fashion156, Opening Ceremony

First Fashion Move

Fashion Singapore Talk

Hello!! My three month holiday/internship/adventure is all wrapped up and I’m back in Singapore, completely jet lagged and down with the flu. New York City had me a-shoppin’ (post on purchases to come!!), explorin’ and a-thinkin’ about many things. (Please bare with me as I get back into some sort of writing groove) Like cleaning up my room and wardrobe MORE, getting in touch with my artsy side etc…

And while clearing up my nest, came across these old newspaper clippings from Urban and The Straits Times:

Lame as this may be in retrospect, I guess print media was my main source of information-gathering that I did as a naive 16-year-old to learn about this industry that I love. And I think its a wonderful thing what Actually Mag is doing on Wednesday, 5 September 2012 at 7.30pm. On that fateful evening, the likes of Pang Ai Mei, designer of Mae Pang, Jo Soh, owner and designer of Hansel, Patricia Lee, Senior Fashion Writer at Female magazine and speakers holding positions such as Senior Regional Marketing Manager at FJ Benjamin, Visual Merchandiser at Club Monaco will be at the event.

Entry is free and will be held at Butter Factory. RSVP here!

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Interview with Charlotte Olympia


British shoe designer, Charlotte Olympia was hosted at On Pedder today for a day of interviews and guest appearance at the outlet at Scotts Square. Channelling the glamour of 1940s and 50s, Charlotte Olympia is walking perfection. Her accessory designs have also been acknowledged by the British Fashion Council, awarding Charlotte Olympia Dellal the Accessory Designer of the Year award, beating nominees such as Mulberry. Here are some of her responses to our interview today:
(it was a group interview, generic questions are marked ‘Q’ and Wottoncool questions are marked ‘WC’)

Question (Q): Hi Charlotte, how would you describe your style.
Charlotte Olympia (CO): My style is nostalgic. Personally, I like tottering in heels. I love the style from 40s and 50s and pin-up girls like Rita Hayworth.

Q: You’ve worked for Ungaro and Giambattisa Valli previously before starting your brand, Charlotte Olympia. How were you able to grow your business in such a short time? What was a turning point for your brand?
CO: I’ve always tried to focus on a small group of retailers – the right retailers.

Wottoncool (WC): What was a highlight when growing your brand?
CO: Opening up my standalone store in London, that was a big turning point. And we’ll be opening a store in New York too, that is quite exciting.

Q: If you weren’t designing shoes, you’d be…?
CO: If I wasn’t designing shoes, I’d be a hat designer!

Q: If you could design for any person, who would it be?
CO: My grandmother, she’s my muse. Or Rita Hayworth.

Q: You design many shoes but is there any one pair that you really like?
CO: Yes, it’s a shoe called ‘Banana is my Business’. It’s a shoe made entirely out of fruit, it’s my homage to Carmen Miranda. And they’re fruits, they go with everything!

Wottoncool (WC): What are the three things you know now that you wish your 20-year-old self knew then?
CO: Be yourself, Take off your makeup off every night and always have a good manicure and pedicure. And go to a hairdresser, never cut your own hair, especially your fringe. (bonus tip!)

Q: What’s the biggest compliment that you’ve ever received?
CO: That my shoes are comfortable. That’s the biggest compliment.

Wottoncool (WC): I noticed the tattoos on your arms, what do they mean?
CO: I have a tattoo of the roman numeral pi and my right wrist. And on my left forearm is a chalice, I got this with my sister, it was her first tattoo, and it’s a combination of our names – Chalice: Charlotte + Alice.

Thank you Charlotte.