Departing from their ultra poised and polished campaign with Daria Werbowy, Oroton borrowed the voyeuristic eye of Tommy Ton and the styling prowess of Marie Claire US’s Accessories Goddess, Taylor Tomasi Hill to arrive at their Autumn Winter 2011 campaign:

It’s such a gorgeous mish-mash of style and makes every look and everything look so achievable and relatable for the guy on the street.

Here are some pieces that I loved from their blogger cocktail session last week:

All of us bloggers were entered into a mini facebook competition by styling ourselves with some AW11 goodies within the store. I chose a heavily-fringed messenger that I wore as an oversized clutch, and two chainmail bracelets. If you like, you can vote for me here.

I’m starting to think that well-dressed nobodies on the street (how it was made to look like in the campaign pics above) are more inspiring (or effective… in business terms) than celebrity endorsements. Models backed by a 10-man hair, make-up, creative, styling and photog team is way over-done and over-rated. Either go outlandish or layman. Thoughts?

Picture credits to here and here.


I’m all a-jitters at the recent onslaught of photography-related gigs. First the Elle + Canon photography workshop. Now, as you may have heard on Facebook and Twitter, Jo and I are contributing street style photographs of some of the coolest cats dressed and spotted in sunny Singapore.

Not that we think we’re any sort of experts on photography. But we count our blessings at people’s recommendations that have helped us clinch these opportunities.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you.

At the moment, we are contributing to, a Japan-based site bringing you new and beautiful images from Japan, Shanghai, Singapore and Hong Kong. At this moment, our participation is an indefinite ongoing contribution. Hope we can keep it up *fingers crossed* It’s got it’s fair share of ups and downs rationing time between work and shooting. As well as overcoming the irrational fear of approaching strangers, complimenting their style and requesting their photograph to be taken.

Because of some back-end administrative thing, the boys and girls are separated. Tragic right? In any case,

For your viewing pleasure, see our snaps here (boys) and here (girls)!

And if you want to be shot for, drop us a mail/facebook message/tweet! (:

All In, All That and More

Before the mayhem of Audi Fashion Festival and Blueprint, earlier in May Adidas held an intimate gathering at their swanky  Marina Bay Sands outlet to share their latest Adidas Climacool Ride.

Shan’t bore you with specs. So simply put, it’s lighter, cools your feet faster and are also in on the colour blocking craze. AND if you aren’t completely satisfied with the existing 17-odd colour choices readily available, you can always customize with miadidas. Personally, I’m lusting after a white/grey base + mustard yellow soles/stripes combo.

Amongst other foods, they served Adidas brownies. Sinful eh? And what better way than to run off the calories with Adidas Colour Missions. Honestly, as they explained what ‘Colour Missions’ were, I was trying (and failing) to control my amusement/giggles at the concept!

Colour Missions are four themed audio tracks to accompany you as you run. Catch is that these tracks have a storyline to sort of “entertain” you. So you could a a bank robber fleeing the scene of the crime (that’s the Yellow track) and assuming you play along to the track, you gotta “clear the street in 2 minutes because it’ll be filled with cops!!!”.

If bank robbing, isn’t quite your cup of tea, you could be a Rock Star (Blue track) trying to escape from your devoted fans.

Brilliant idea. Just downloaded them, can’t wait to try them all out (:

Part of Adidas latest global campaign – Adidas is all in (the one with Katy Perry) also saw a 24-hour party held at Scape. For all twenty-four hours, Adidas was all in, in Football, Basketball, Skate, Graffiti, Dance, Fashion. Because it coincided with Blueprint, I only managed to catch the ending portion of it. But, here are some event photos:

Also, if you caught my tweets (@wearewottoncool) I won a crazymaddash(24-second)-spree  at Adidas. Which was really unbelievable, and rather funny. Let me try to set the scene.

I arrive relatively early, go to the counter to register. I’m handed ‘#3‘ and told, ‘this is for the lucky draw later’.

To which, my response is ‘Thanks but no matter cos I’m really unlucky with these things.’

‘And just because you said that, you might now win!’

‘Hahahas. (With a lot of disbelief) Sure!’

So then they go on with the programme, talk about the funky specs and findings and all that jazz about the ‘All In’ campaign, Colour Missions and Climacool Ride. Then finally, put all that aside and announce that the much-anticipated lucky-draw/spree is here.

Everyone, sits up a bit straighter…

Someone brings a big glass bowl with (what looks like a lot of) numbers on small squares of papers and shakes the bowl vigorously..

Another person reaches his hand into the bowl, stirs the paper squares some more and announces, ‘The first number is… (surprised) #1!’

I smile to myself, and clap.

Glass bowl is given a good shake. Hand reaches into the bowl, swirls the paper squares around again, “The second number is… (shocked + surprised) #2!”

I think to myself, ‘There’s NO WAY he’s gonna call me now. For sure. I mean, what are the odds?!’ And still, I cling on to some sliver of hope…

The intimidating glass bowl is given a very thorough shake as I see-saw between impossibility and hope. Extra effort is put into the paper-squares swirl before finally they fish out one paper. Bowl-holder and announcer look at the paper together, stare at each other in disbelief.

I’m thinking, ‘NO.FRIGGIN.WAY.’

There’s a pregnant pause before they announce…


Hahahas. What are the odds?! Pulling the numbers sequentially! (: Anyway, thank my lucky stars (AND new, lucky number). I got a nice new bag and running top as swag 😀 Would have made a bee-line for the Stella McCartney for Adidas series but, good for Adidas, bad for me, they were off limits in the sprint-and-grab. Would have really done some damage there.

But in any case, they extended a storewide discount after the programme had ended so I got myself this neon orange Stella McCartney + Adidas racerback top with asymmetrical pleats at the base. Worn together with pants from Abyzz by Desmond Yang, black cut-out cardigan by Mae Pang and Dr. Martens wedges.

(David Beckham for Adidas Climacool: Source)

Hot Chocolate and Mint for dinner

Jo was the one who first introduced me to Diana Rikasari. I can’t remember when. But I do recall being blown away by her bold and original style. And she’s also got her own line of shoes, Up. Which Cat (left) and Jo wore last week.

Diana was in town last week and we met for dinner at Orchard Cental. I look like such a plain-jane beside Diana, but in my defense, I did just come from the gym.

Rare photos of Jo and I. We’re so busy we hardly get to meet up!

Read Diana’s post here (: Plucked the images from there too. (Hope you don’t mind Diana!)