Us on Harper’s!

Turns out that Harper’s Bazaar churns out a daily 4-page fashion fix recording the previous day’s shows. Cool!

Especially cool because somehow we got in it – Issue #3 Sunday, March 30, 2008 under the Style at the Tent column! So here’s what we wore (See second picture, from L-R)


Top: Layered Tube from Topshop
Bottom: Denim bubble skirt from Playhoud by Greyhound in Tangs Playlab
Shoes: Patent wedges from Itto & Otto
Bag: Wood and bead clutch from Martina Pink in Tangs
Accessories: Gilded rubber bangles from Urban Outfitters

Dress: Self-designed and tailor made
Outerwear: Trench coat from G2000
Shoes: Patent peep-toe heels from Far East Plaza
Bag: Snake-skin clutch from Accessorize


Mayybe we should change that to Wott! instead, haha!

SFF08 – Ashley Isham

Sarah and I have been attending a few shows at the Singapore Fashion Festival and we were lucky enough to be randomly allocated front-row seats, yo! (Okay, so it was only two shows so far :P)

Outside the tent

The proximity of our seats to the runway!

The very first show we went was Ashley Isham, where he showcased his Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter ’08 collections (according to Harper’s Bazaar).



It started off with edgy-prettiness with a variety of long and mini ensembles of white and speckled black, cinched in with a clean black and white waist.

img_8138.jpg img_8139.jpg

Then came in pops of red! orange! and purple! and red and purple together, broken up by dark emeralds and plums!

img_8147.jpg img_8149.jpg

Now that we’ve eased in to colours, shiny glimmering plates of blue surfaced on the skirts and dazzling sheets of silver plastic were gathered into pretty, and hypnotic folds. I swear, I HEARD the plastic material as the models sashayed past. Ooo, it was so close, the details were pretty overwhelming. I was tempted to stretch a finger out to feel the material haha.

The kind of dress you could hear ruffle!


img_8202.jpg img_8206.jpg
Glimmering plates and boggling prints. These are genius!

There was this absolutely gorgeous printed dress that Pinks (Sarah) and I went gaga over. It makes you want to swoon over it, paint rainbows and nibble on strawberries and cream 😀

img_8174.jpg img_8175.jpg
Pictures that don’t do justice to an aweeeeesome dress

I was kinda hoping there would be more of his outrageous stuff, the kind of thing you have to see in the flesh. What with the sumptuous metallics and diaphonous fabrics!

More shows pleaseee!

Blows faux snow from the runway to make my wish!

Virgin Post

Today and now is when we will infringe the virginity of and invade the fun, frivolous and frightening world of fashion!

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