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The house of Maison Martin Margiela has been a cornerstone of avant garde thinking and many OMGWTFBBQ moments in fashion with their dedication to going against the grain and commitment to a white-on-white-on-white-on-white that is very worthy of admiration.

At their recent standalone boutique opening at Marina Bay Sands, the avant garde continued with in-store displays of beaded faces masks from their archives to current-season apparel. Keep your eyes peeled for the champagne bottle sticker long coat, rectangular-front dress (I have no other words to describe it) and a illusionary bare-there leotard top complete with gloved sleeves.

Warning: This is a very photo-heavy post.

_MG_0002 _MG_0003 _MG_0005 _MG_0006 _MG_0007 _MG_0008 _MG_0009 _MG_0010 _MG_0011

An unexpected element of the evening what a showcase of their Fall/Winter 2014 collection, presented by a slew of leggy beauties and scruffy male models (or least, the scruffy model was the most memorable of the lot).


Because of the store layout and inherent lighting. When they’d stop in front of me, their posture obstructed half their apparel from being illuminated. The result is a series of awkward legs and ‘caught-you-while-blinking’ moments but illuminated clothing. I thought it was somewhat fitting that this would happen with Maison Martin Margiela. Perhaps as a cruel joke, all in the name of the anti-establishment.

_MG_9848 _MG_9851 _MG_9853 _MG_9855 _MG_9856 _MG_9859 _MG_9860

The clothing was deceptively simple and oozed wearability.

_MG_9869 _MG_9871 _MG_9875

And I thought the accessories really stole the show that evening. Above is a sort of inverted leather bags, with hardware buckles riveted to the interior of the bag. Below is a mother-of-pearl checkerboard clutch, which I thought was so beautiful. Not sure why I didn’t check the price of it though.

_MG_9885 _MG_9886 _MG_9889 _MG_9903



Another favourite was this funny interpretation of ID bracelets into an oversized hardware detail for their clutch. Brilliant! So goddamn brilliant! I hope The Outnet stocks it in a year (maybe more), because I probably can’t afford it any other way in any case.

_MG_9904 _MG_9905 _MG_9909 _MG_9913 _MG_9919 _MG_9921 _MG_9924 _MG_9942 _MG_9949 _MG_9957 _MG_9962 _MG_9992 _MG_9994 _MG_9995
_MG_9997 _MG_9998 _MG_9999


In the meantime, I had a peek at The Outnet just to suss out what sort of discounted prices of Maison Martin Margiela would be. And was surprised by the details on some of their shoes!


Despite the severe chopped look of these leather mules, £229.60 (Original price £459.21), they look so effortless and neutral, like they’d match just about anything I want to wear. They look comfy too.

MMM Shoes

I was scratching my head for awhile, staring at the cutout-heel leather boots, £274.35 (Original price £685.87), I’d buy them just to see the shocked/surprised expressions on people’s faces. Hehs. 


The most special ones though, are these cutout leather pumps, £186.67 (Original price £499.34), with their reversed semi-d’Orsay detailing. I never would have thought of that. Wow.

Two Points

There’s something very alluring and accessible about a modular system. You can break it down, dress it up, play and personalize. Italian jeweler, Duepunti does just that with their unconventional stackable diamond rings – each comprising a 0.02 carat diamond set in a silicone ring band.

Yes, silicone!

Since it’s non-allergenic, its safe for people with sensitive skin to wear. And because it flexes and have give, makes it safe for outdoor sports and activities like swimming, golf, volleyball etc. For forgetful folk, like myself, you’ll be happy to know that these rings have been tested at the beach and in sea water and come out unscathed. So there’s no fuss about where you can or can’t wear these rings to or worrying about if the diamond will fall out. And even if it does, you can bring it back to get it fixed.

Duepunti, means colon (:) in English, and these jewellers have very cleverly incorporated the ‘two point’ design into each ring, embossed on the side. During the press presentation, they shared that ‘two point’ or duepunti is industry speak for 0.02 carat diamonds. Thought that was quite clever.

This design is simple on its own, but expressive! It comes in a multitude of colours. Be warned, you’ll be spoilt for choice! With the option of stacking, I love how by simply switching the order of colours or choosing a different series, it evokes a completely different feel. But I like it best when worn with different types of rings and can’t wait to try it out for myself.

These precious rings also make for gorgeous friendship presents. While I was trying to pick a colour, I kept thinking about how ‘Jo would love this green and grey and sand.. and this ruby red would suit my mom and purple for my sister…’ There’s no end, really. (I picked up a Bordeaux one in the end!)

And all in the name of making diamond rings accessible and fun, Duepunti does away with the fuss of figuring out ring sizes and whatever half sizes in between. They keep it simple with ‘Small’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Large’. Easy yes? (: Plus the silicone has some stretch and softens with wear, so when shopping, pick out something slightly more snug.

Best part, there’s something for the boys too! Duepunti’s diamond rings have ring sizes available for men. So there’s something for everyone. I hear there are also plans for more varieties such as bracelets and I’m eager to see what else they’ll have in store.

Duepunti Diamond Silicone Rings retail for $118 each. Or $100 each, if you buy a set of three.

And is available at the following:

Ana Boutique
86 Club Street
Singapore 069454

9 Raffles Bouelvard, #P1-28
Parco Marina Bay, Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596

Havaianas H Store

252 North Bridge Road, #01-03
Raffles City
Singapore 179103

391 Orchard Road, #B1-38
Takashimaya Shopping Centre
Singapore 238873

41 Beach Road
Singapore 189680

Threadbare & Squirrel
660 North Bridge Road (Bali Lane)
Singapore 188797


Weekend windup

Over the weekend my friends and I caught snippets of Night Festival Singapore 2012 after dining at Food for Thought’s 8Q outlet. We caught Argentinian performance troupe – Fuerzabruta by Ozono Producciones and their performances Corresdoras and Mylar. May I just say, being suspended in the air and splashing about in a pool of water suspended 15 metres above the audience heads both looked exceptionally fun.

In between the Fuerzabruta performances we also watched Kevin Lester featuring Kiat’s killer performance. Was very happy and proud to see some of the audience dancing (myself included, ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!!! Good job Singapore!) We need to work on our singing-along/shouting out lyrics skill but I was pretty surprised and impressed.

And a Night Festival favourite (and staple, in my opinion,) were the National Museum and Singapore Art Museum facade digital light projections. Its a long shot but i hope the organisers invite Australia’s Electric Canvas back, they were here in 2008 and produced these: check out my favourite at 0:39.

2012’s Night Festival facade favourite was the galactic projection (image above) which I posted on wearewottoncool’s Instagram. Which, in turn, made me think of these gorgeous shoes.

And here’s a bunch of links which made up my Sunday reading:

Have you met Pusheen, the Cat? He can even dance, Gangnam Syle (on August 28 2012).

Pamela Love’s Jewellery Masterclass via Net-A-Porter makes me wanna unearth all my accessories and wear them at once.

And I just found out through New York Times that 23-year-old Coco Rocha is one digitally savvy chic who has amassed “millions of followers across 13 social media platforms (400,000 on Twitter; 197,000 on Instagram; 1.6 million on Google Plus; and 2 million followers on Weibo, to name a few).” Read what Zac Posen, Tyra Banks and Cindy Crawford have to say about Coco Rocha in the article here.

And lastly, vintage photographs dating back to the 1960s of children whizzing through New York City on skateboards. My favourite is image 19.

Dress Sense

[This is a paid advertorial]

Since starting Wottoncool, I’ve developed a deeper appreciation for people who exude effortless personal style. Taking on each day with their curated closets. But then, there also those occasions where glaming up is simply inescapable. That’s where I feel Dress Sense swoops in and saves the day.

I’ve got an ROM (not mine) to attend in a few weeks and Dress Sense is almost a god-send with their buy-or-rent concept. I mean, who doesn’t like options right?
Rather than having to splurge an arm or a limb on a fancy ‘occasion dress or accessory’ that I’ll maybe only wear once, at Dress Sense I have the option to rent the item at a quarter of the price.

Inge Christopher Marguerite Leather Mini Box Clutch

Buy the look: $ 399
Rent the look: $ 93.12

Visited their store at Raffles City earlier this week to sort of scout out my options and the Ine Christopher clutches, I thought were really attractive.
This Inge Christopher St Barbara Gold Xbody Pleated Clutch would retail for $299 but a two-week rental is $72.29. Considering its less than a quarter of the retail price, think its a decent deal (:As you know, I’m not really a clutch person what with my dslr a staple for any fashion event. Thus my clutch collection stands at 0. Lol. For $72.29, this Ines christopher clutch could be mine for two weeks. Which seems fair rather than spending the same amount or more for something I’ll use just once and by the time I pick it up again the poor quality would have warranted it unusable thus money wasted, space wasted ant time wasted searching for another suitable clutch. Yes, I speak from some experience.
Ok, I ramble.
The Liquid Metal line was also quite interesting although not entirely my style. Tried layering them for different textures. But my favourite was the Black Chrome Diamanté bracelet (below) that would set me back $269 to purchase and only $64.56 to rent.
And without question, my favourite was the Bianca Bejewelled clutch by Wanderlust + Co! $115.67 to rent and $569 and you could take this baby home for good. Be warned though, looks pretty but weighs a tonne! Hahas
From what I gather dress rentals range from between $180 to $300. Fair considering I probably won’t be able to get anything decent for under $300 anyway. And get this, the sale and rental prices of each item drop each time an item is rented out. And don’t worry about the condition, Dress Sense ensures that everything is in tip top condition.
Occasion a-looming and curiousity a-gnawing, check out their site here! Or visit their Facebook page. Or view their full collection at #03-29A Raffles Place Shopping Centre.

And very happy to see some local love in the form of Choo Yilin’s gorgeous and socially conscious jewelry. :D!

From now till 31 March, Dress Sense has a promotion. 10% off purchases of new styles from Inge Christopher, Liquid Metal and Choo Yilin Jewellery.

xx Sarah

[This is a paid advertorial]

Pringle, not of Scotland

In fact, not even of Proctor and Gamble – this is a potato chip made of a material I know nothing about (resembles pre-friend potato sliced dipped in a thick flour batter! or quite like the hat the Duchess of Cambridge wore to the wedding of Zara Phillips), set on a metal expandable ring and perched on my digits.

Cute! Bought it from a Japanese brand, Aquvii, sold at Forest Bird in Hong Kong. However, I am sad to report that the chip is dislocated from the ring, and I haven’t had the time or the energy to fix it…….. Any one got any clue where I might be able to get material to fix this?