Body beautiful

So as part of shaking things up here at Wottoncool. I’d like to dedicate more posts to self-esteem and body positivity. I don’t think I’ll get everything right when talking about our bodies and body positivity. But I’m here to learn and start a conversation. And I think thats part and parcel of how the conversation can change, if more people start talking about it.

First up, Ashley Soto! Came across her video interview on BBC and love how vulnerable she allowed herself to be in the interview, talking candidly about suicide and the journey of learning to accept your body. And then really owning the vitiligo and showing her own spin on it. Check out the video below:

Meet the girl turning her vitiligo into art ✍️(via BBC Radio 1)

Posted by BBC Scotland on Saturday, August 5, 2017

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Geographical Robes

Map Dresses 06

Wottoncool’s appreciation of origami can be traced back to our baby years in blogging (*cough* 2008 *cough cough*) when I wrote Paper Trail. This love and appreciation for the versatility of paper extended into posts such as Research Paper I: Jackets and Dresses, Dalsey Hillblom and Lynn and Research Paper II: others. Combined with a knack for Finding my way around, a series of cartographical wonderments (in and of itself) are made more beautiful in the hands of French artist Elisabeth Lecourt into meticulously folded, pleated masterpieces.

Map Dresses 01

Although I doubt I’d be donning any of these baby dolls soon, I’m amazed at the artist’s ability to retain much of the scenes/landscapes without messing up the alignment of gridlines and borders.

Map Dresses 02 Map Dresses 03

It’s also interesting to see the evolution of map-mapping or cartographic drawing styles, like above, from maps used to tell stories/narratives about the landscape (on the right) about a particularly epic traverse across oceans fraught with beasts of the sea, to maps more concerned with accurately portraying one’s resources (left) and the desire to conquer more land (cos if you don’t have accurate maps, you can’t definitely say that you are king of the bigger hill. Map Dresses 04

If someone made map shirts, however, I’d love to add these to my wardrobe. Especially the one on the right with it’s sepia tones and buttons. What a proper looking Oxford shirt and I’d never get lost again!
Map Dresses 05


View more of Elisabeth Lecourt’s portfolio here.


Image Credit: Talenthouse

Primary Ponder

XQ Paul Smith

If ever there was a nod to the concept of ‘global citizenship’, Paul Smith’s latest exhibition with contemporary Chinese artist collective X+Q Art demonstrates just that. Artists Xiang Jing and Qu Guangci will present their vivid series of refined sculptures starting this week.

Clocking some serious mileage, this traveling exhibition has made stops at exhibitions in London and Shanghai, Paul Smith stores in Faubourg St Honore, Paris and Melbourne. Singapore joins these ranks as a additional destination.

XQ Paul Smith Blue

Qu Guangci’s Chinese cherub-esque sculptures ‘The Angelest Quin’ (above in green and blue) are more successful of the two sculptures. They come in four colourways – red, blue, green and yellow, and for whatever reason, make me feel very relaxed the more I stare at them.

*Psst! You can take one home for S$430 too!

XQ Paul Smith I have seen

Artist Xiang Jing’s ‘I Have Seen Happiness’ rabbit/girl sculptures evoke a air of whimsy. First, it throws me off because I see a girl with bunny ears, but from the press release, she (or it?) is described as a rabbit. Second, the combination of girl + rabbit immediately conjures the association with Alice in Wonderland.

These sweeties retail at S$790 a piece and would make for a beautiful conversation starter when guests come over.

Melbourne  0J8A9760

See them up close at the exhibitition at the Paul Smith Boutique at Mandarin Gallery.

The exhibition is ongoing from 14 September to 2 November 2014.

Frozen People

We haven’t shared nearly enough of OMGWTFBBQ moments. But this deftly witty series of classical sculptures dressed “as hipsters”, is right up the alley! Produced by photographer, Léo Caillard, and photo editor, Alexis Persani, they’ve “clothed” sculptures and make me pause for a moment longer and look at them as people and imagine who they’d be and what they’d be doing if they weren’t frozen in stone.


Had a little too much to eat?


Woah! What do you mean there’s no more coffee?!


(feel like I’m stealing on an intimate moment here)


Yeah, I’m too cool for school…



Where shall we go for brunch?



Hang on, my top knot isn’t done yet.

This series couldn’t be more perfect. View the full series here, on Today I learnt Something New.


Better late than never

This time last year, I already had my summer planned. I had resigned from my job and enrolled myself in summer school. June 2012 was gonna be a-rockin’ and a-rollin’ in Uppsala, Copenhagen, Berlin, London, and Paris. I was so ready to get my hands off the dreadful keyboard and dirty again, in Central Saint Martin’s textile design course.

You know how I feel about prints here, and that was about when I decided that textile design was the way to go. I put pencil to paper for the first time in a very long time, drew, painted, learnt heat transfer printing, played with the giant heat press (only about the best thing ever), did some dip dyeing, visited museums, created some devore, 3D manipulation, and almost contantly felt OMG there’s so much to learn and to be in awe of! Three weeks of school in London just whizzed by, I wish I had more time to see, more time to do and even had more homework.

I want to feel like I’m ready to learn, absorb some awesomeness all over again, and if I have the time – a quick revision of the stuff that went down in class. Meantime, some pictures:














See that crackled scar on my face between my eye and cheekbone? Berlin, I blame you.












On Pedder‘s in-house zine is the literal, visually dynamic and tangible manifestation of the brand. Starting tomorrow, it celebrates ten previous issues and the 11th edition – Exhibitionist – with a retrospective exhibition inviting viewers through a succinctly curated collection of the most captivating images from the publication’s archives.

To be honest, I never knew the extent of Pedderzine’s creative prowess, which I very openly admitted to the On Pedder Communications team as they brought me through an intimate presentation yesterday. Perhaps its easy to dismiss zine, with all its secrets and wonders trapped within tiny confines. Perhaps its the flurry of print media we’re bombarded with on a daily basis. Perhaps its also that these zines are so hard to come by, since they are typically only reserved for top customers. On a sidenote, after realizing the amount of work that goes into each zine, I had flashbacks of my experience being a student union finance secretary and having to justify magazine publication budgets. Completely understand them spending the money where it matters (read: Top-tier customers) because I’m not exactly at the stage where I can drop a month’s salary on a pair of shoes (with ease). Not yet at least! (:

Under the artistic direction of Singapore’s Theseus Chan (owner of WORK Advertising), ten unassuming zines on display within the exhibition space at the Scotts Square store house past collaborations with works from the likes of renowned British photographers Simon Larbalestier, Singapore’s John Clang and Keiichi Tanaami. My favourite cover would have to be Edition #3 “Super Natural” featuring John Clang’s larger-than-life Dries Van Noten cover for Spring/Summer 2008 (below).

Leave me with enough time to pour through these zines three or four times over and I’ll still be discovering new things I never noticed before every single time.

This exhibition, which has been six months in-the-making, stands as a small but notable testament to On Pedder’s commitment to aesthetics since it’s first issue in 2007. I look forward to a larger scale exhibition when their 20th or 50th issue celebration rolls around. I want to see these works blown up on a large scale and hung in a gallery space. Every single page you could frame up and call it art! I kid you not, each page is that gorgeously AMAZING. And since each issue is so different from one another. There’s bound to be something that appeals to every one! Bottomline, I love what I see and I want to see much much more of On Pedder’s creative world.

This exhibition got me thinking: ‘The bane and beauty of art is in its limitlessness.’ And anyone whose ever taken a class in art and experienced the overwhelming fear and uncertainty of a blank paper or canvas staring back at you understands this. It can paralyze, freezing you in your feet or it can be wildly addictive, as you chase the high from the boundless exploration that will ensue. Safe to say, I have a newfound appreciation for On Pedder’s commitment to pushing boundaries and taking on the challenge of tackling this limitlessness in new and exciting ways every season.

And when you are at this exhibition, take a moment to think about what you would put to paper if you were given all the creative freedoms and access to some of the world’s most gorgeous shoes and accessories. Then take the time to really appreciate all the subtleties that each Pedderzine brings to this exhibition. And for that moment or two, get lost in their world. What have you got to lose?

Exhibitionist: Pedderzine Uncatalogued
September 28 2012 to October 19 2012
On Pedder, Level 2 Scotts Square

Limited edition tote bags (below) from Exhibitionist: Pedderzine Uncatalogued will be available for sale exclusively at all On Pedder stores. There are 11 different designs.