What happened in Berlin?


Historically, I don’t think doctors were ever considered a stylish bunch. Perhaps people were more focused on them curing various ailments and diagnosing illnesses. But for whatever reason, I find myself repeatedly drawn to the ‘doctor bag’ shape. That, and backpacks.

Maybe the common thread is an inherent utilitarianism about the design.


Whatever it is, I’ve been having dreams about the BOSS Womenswear Berlin Bag, despite the fact that one of the dreams had me gunned down by Russian assassins on my wedding day, (READ: Stress much?!) which is in no way, the bag’s fault.

I kid you not when I say that this is the bag of my dreams!


And for all its architectural precision, sleek framed boxy-but-not-too-boxy-ness, structure and subtle piping/trim details down the sides, all in supple calf-leather goodness, I’m lusting after the largest of the three Berlins (below).


For practicality reasons, I couldn’t deal with anything smaller. I carry my world with me.

Unless the bag packs like a Mary Poppins’, bigger is better.

From a cursory online search, this largest Berlin is $1,450.00 (and a steal! compared to the Marc Jacobs Incognito (READ: starting from $3,490) and the pre-owned Chanel bag (READ: $2,995), from Reebonz, that I posted on Instagram!)


Images from: Hugo Boss and here

Terra Incognito



I’ve been doing a bit of reading about the history of map-making, or cartography, as its called, and just yesterday, I came across the term ‘terra incognita’, which means ‘unknown land’. A phrase that map-makers often employed to label vast areas of land which they knew little about.

With that frame of reference in mind, it struck me as a little strange that Marc Jacobs would choose to title their key bag for this season as The ‘Incognito’ (above). A beautiful bag, no doubt, with a beautiful accompanying video that I caught while reading The New York Times online. You can watch here: The Marc Jacobs ‘Incognito’.


The Incognito pays homage to the classic, and very structured, doctor’s bag. Yet despite the structured frame, is designed to retain a soft and pliable feel. The bag boasts clean and bold details which interest and intrigue. I especially like the very deliberate pleat on both ends, it gives the bag a distinctive silhouette.

The buckle hardware at the handle, however, throws me off a little, but I’m willing to overlook that.




Upon further reading, the name Incognito is a tribute Marc Jacob’s muses, such as Faye Dunaway and Jessica Lange, for their understated, effortless style and their quiet strength.

All Incognito bags are handmade at an atelier in Florence, Italy. Each bag comprises 124 individual parts and requires a full day to construct (which I think is pretty fast, if you ask me!). They also come in smooth or textured leather, as well as crocodile.

Personally, I find the smooth leather finish the most successful. This pale blue one featured has the smooth finish.



Available at the Marc Jacobs store (ION Orchard, #02-12). The Marc Jacobs Incognito comes in two sizes and a variety of colours such as black, pale blue, forest green (crocodile), cashew and plum. Prices range from $3,490 to $4,990. The croc-skin bag, however, will set you back $9,900.  

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 5.01.19 PM

Image credits to Marc Jacobs and Club21.

Cherry Pick

If you’ve been on the lookout for a nice easy everyday bag, this Cherry Leather Shoulder Bag from See by Chloé may be right up your alley. This fully-lined calf leather bag could squeeze an A4 file, if necessary, with a width and height of 14″ by 10″ respectively. But I’d use this to meet the girls, shopping, dinner, weekend brunch, and just about everything else really. My wallet, mobile phone, lip balm, mp3, a good book and I’m all set!

I already see myself endlessly caressing the oversized drawstring tassel as the bag is slung over my shoulder while I’m immersed in the depths of another mall or fashion fashion outlet. Or as I clutch it tight, watching a movie too scary for my feeble heart to take. Perfect pillow size! 😀

Hahas, anyway I find the gold hardware pretty interesting (kind of mirrors the tassel, no?) Up close, it looks a bit much, but in proportion to the bag, I feel it works very well. And how much is it, you ask? S$602 (approximately) according to Net-A-Porter, which is quite reasonable considering the versatility of this bag. Divide this amount by the number of times and occasions you can use it, I’d say it’s a pretty good deal.

See by Chloé Cherry leather shoulder bag is £303.16 (S$602 approx) and available in Dark Green or Watermelon.

Via Net-A-Porter.

Bag Hunting

As I slowly reacquaint myself with the going-ons in this little red dot, I find myself mentally hitting the ‘refresh’ button or, quite literally asking friends for updates. I’ve also been slowly distributing souvenirs and going through my to-do list.

One of the key carry-overs from my last month in New York has been to search for suitable work bags for my sister, Entrepreneur and co-owner of Project Mares, and a model/actress friend, who has a supporting role in Sex, Violence and Family Values.

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Let me describe the bags with specific detail:

Firstly, the Power Bitch bag – passively aggressive, this bag needs to communicate a sense of power and impact, not just to an audience but the owner as well. A professional and roomy tote with a clean design in polyester canvas or matte PVC (although leather or suede is always welcome! As long as the price is right). And in an earthy or jewel tone of maybe copper, bronze, burgundy, deep amethyst or tan.

Meanwhile the other needs to be a duffle masquerading as a tote, excessively spacious with many compartments. A bag that could give Mary Poppins a run for her money and could pull out a makeup kit, hair dryer or extra pair of shoes before you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Colour-way or material is not as important but lightweight and durability earn extra points because its contents will more than make up the weight category.

And thus the challenge, trying to find something within price point that aptly fits the above mentioned criteria. Simple to say the search continues but, if like me, you are facing this sort bothersome bag bounty-hunting predicament too, Reebonz is a good resource to have on-hand.

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This one-destination digital bag haven stocks brands such as Prada, Chloe, Marc by Marc Jacobs, DKNY and Burberry just to name a few. The site is easy to navigate, and best yet, it offers these designer snags at discounted prices. Who doesn’t love a steal? (: I’ve also found it helpful as a way of knowing what brands my budget can afford, and thus to narrow down my search. Closest contenders thus far are this Marc by Marc Jacobs tote (although I think its a little too masculine AND expensive at S$799) and Kwerkee by Reebonz Weekender which retails for S$235.

Having been saving for my New York adventure for the past year thereabouts, shopping has been kept to a minimum and I haven’t been on the Reebonz site in awhile, so I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by their updates. And for those who aren’t familiar, Reebonz is an exclusive members-only shopping site, selling authentic designer wares at discounted prices. Its where I snagged my Marni Shopping Bag and Dolce and Gabbana metallic blouse.

If you aren’t a member yet, you should! And you can sign up here!


(Image Credits: Sierra and Harpers Bazaar via Style Frizz)


Have you met Kirsten?

Thursday’s weather was superb with the minor exception for a short bout of rainfall during lunch, which worked out since I was indoors eating then! (:

My day started early with a trip to One Fullerton to meet some friends, then I walked all the way to Ann Siang Hill, Chinatown, Duxton Hill and Craig Road to check out some cafes, check out an exhibition, stumble upon new shops and all that jazz. It was fun and bumped into quite a few people I know. Made a new friend or two. Had a good laugh and great food *slurps!*

Wore a +J Uniqlo tee, Wrangler jeans, sandals, leather cuffs, Alexander Wang Kirsten tote and tortoiseshell sunnies from Melbourne (a gift from my colleague <3!)

Caution: May Slur when Blur

Before and after the Kent Ridge Ministerial Forum 2010, this is what I wore.

Smudgy baby blue, no-longer white tank from G2000
Dust-grey asymmetrical jacket from BossiniStyle
Skull scarf from a Cambodia night market
Cropped pants from Nicholas
Union Jack studded flats from Mitju
Cream Faux Ostrich Leather bag from St. Louis
Wood watch from Time Network

My camera battery flat-lined after this photo. So it’ll have to do.