Dusting off

Why hello there… it’s been awhile. 3 years. This blog has been sitting (digitally) on a shelf, gathering dust.

A lot has happened to the blogscape since. Instagram . Snapchat. Filters. The rise of global influencers and the local disdain of influencers. But on a more personal front, I guess in the midst of the digital landscape changing, I felt that Wottoncool served no purpose as a ‘fashion blog’. Thus, the silence. But, here I am, dusting off and re-embarking on an adventure of carving out a space to not take myself too seriously and to journal my thoughts, document life experiences, share interesting nuggets of news – on anything that interests me. Not just fashion.

The plan is to trawl through the Wottoncool archives to share snapshots that may or may not have seen the light of day. And then to slowly update less infrequently. Followed by a fresh look as a digital journal of sorts (i’m not good with labels, but essentially, Wottoncool will transform to cover a wider variety of topics/themes/subject matter that more accurately reflects my interests).

So welcome, to the start of the Wottoncool reboot.


Crystal Invitation

Crystals conjure crazed imagery of jinxes, hexes, witchcraft and Charmed. Weird, I know. Crystals also trigger scarring memories of towering hollow stone blocks cut out to reveal, what seems like, a gazillion (typically purple) crystal formations. I have no inkling what sort of symbolism it carries, and I suppose, pardon my ignorance, but they were always a source of intrigue, bewilderment and confusion. My point being, essentially, that crystals can go horribly wrong if not executed with some finesse and aesthetic prowess. That being said, By Invite Only oozes all the finesse and prowess one could ever find.

I’d like to think this gold-dipped quartz necklace is blessed to protect me, ward off evil spirits and attract good energy and all this other mystical schzaam that I typically am not into but suddenly hits me every time I oogle at the By Invite Only collection.

Another personal favourite is their Howlite spikes, which remind me of vampire fangs (Subconsciously, think I’m into the whole Twilight thing :D) but for some reason or other doesn’t suit me very well. Don’t know why.

In any case, By Invite Only is holding an anniversary exhibition at A Curious Teepee on October 6. (I hear there’ll be free cupcakes!!!) There’ll be a premium collection launched then as well. RSVP for the exhibition here.